Sunday, December 14, 2008

Profesh Pictures!

Hey Gav! We love you and are thinking about you! Can't wait to talk to you! Look how big Troy is getting!

Monday, December 8, 2008

3 Month Mark!!

So, Gavin will have been out for 3 months already on the 10th of December! This is a direct quote from Gav's last email... "We watched Lord of the Rings 2 in English at the asado on P Day. It was the best thing ever. It made me feel like I was at home but yet I wasn't. I found myself lying on a dirty tile floor. But at least it was tile". I think he is finding himself being grateful for many things!

We are grateful for Gavin's hard work as a missionary to the Lord! Can't wait to talk to him on Christmas!!
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home!!

Gavin is in an area called Solano. He shares this pension with 3 other elders. To quote Gavin, he says "his area consists of dogs, horses and trash" but he loves it! His trainer pranked him pretty good. They visited a family where they thought the wife was being beat up by her husband. The guy came running out with a gun and slurring Spanish at Gavin and his comp. Gavin thought he was a "gonner" the first day of his mission. When the wife went running after her husband trying to take away the gun, the couple started laughing and said "Bienvenidos to Argentina" Turns out that they were members. The guy had a gun because he works for the police. They invited them for dinner and had a great laugh. The guy, Hermano Mesa, then gave Gavin a cover for his scriptures. He says that the members are awesome! Gavin has already taught a lesson pretty much by himself about the Holy Ghost and faith. He said he found two perfect scriptures that answered a lady's questions in the Spanish Book of Mormon and Bible. He is already feeling the hand of the Lord in the work. He has also already had experiences that proves that the Lord is watching over His missionaries! Not bad for a first week in the mission!

Gavin at the Buenos Aires Temple Nov 11, 2008

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Que Te Vaya Muy Bien Elder Rice

Ok, a mother loses all pride when it comes to her kids! I definitely felt that Gavin needed a proper freeway send off from the MTC so I was pretty disappointed after waiting for an hour (in the rain...this pic doesn't do it justice because the sun was out) enduring glares and honks from all the other motorists on the busy freeway that day, and not being able to see his bus! I had my camera in hand, my foot uncomfortably placed on the horn and began honking at anything that even resembled an MTC bus! I think I gave all the rest home transport people quite a thrill. Anyway, it was a bit embarrassing to find out that the office people nearby were getting quite a chuckle out of me, thinking that Gavin's poster was that of "Obama". No, I wasn't protesting...just being a tearful, very proud mom saying good bye to her son for two years! How disappointing to go through all the effort, soaking wet and muddy only to find out that his bus was very late. The bus was apparently too small for all of the missionaries so when they got a bigger bus, the driver didn't have the proper license to drive it. Gavin barely made it to the airport in time to give us a quick call. While waiting though, I couldn't help but think of all the missionaries throughout the world, cute little soldiers trying to do their part in fighting for truth and righteousness! There is no place better for Gavin to be right now! And yes...I am proud and thankful that he was willing and ready to go!
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