Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A day in the life...

Success in El Jaguel...

This last week we baptized Hilda Meldina and Jorge Cruz. It was awesome. We didn't have to do hardly anything besides get it set up. We were the "testigos" (witnesses) but we got the ward to take care of the rest. It's too bad that no one from either of their families attended though. Not one single person. Jorge's brother was even going to baptize him. His family has been baptized but fell away. We're hoping to help them out if we can. Our bishop is pretty cool. He get's so excited over the work which is awesome! He and his wife both served in Columbia. There's another guy who served in Chile who just got back a monoth ago. He's from Paraguay but is going to be living in our branch for 2 years. He will help us out a ton! When the bishop found out about him coming here he was so happy it was funny! We need more "sacerdotes" (Priesthood) so we're going to prepare Jorge to get the Priesthood which will be awesome. Then maybe we can send him to give some blessings. Seems that everyone always needs a Priesthood blessing.

We're running pretty low on investigators. We couldn't really find or teach the ones we thought were prime last week and we only found one new one. But he's the dad of Elizabeth and the wife of Rosa which is cool. A family! The daughter is in a wheel chair, super nice and going to really progress.

So, some good news...we bought some sling shots because the neighbor dog is the stupidest thing in the world. He only barks at US, and whenever we leave the pench he comes right after our ankles! So, we bought wrist rockets and tons of marbles. We've been owning this dog! We throw out bait at night and wait for dogs to come hoping it will be him. But, apparently he's smarter than he looks I guess. I got him good once with a double A battery. I'm still feeling good about that. I hit a horse which was pretty funny. I was aiming for the dog but then a horse came running by. A bigger target I guess. It's been fun though...gives us something to do after a hard day. Just take it out on the dogs! (I promise Gavin is kind to animals...he loves them, except the ones that bite:)!

Well, I hope you guys are doing as good as you say. I hope Cam and Naomi are alright. That's crazy. He would be doing kayaking and saving lives. Some things will never change. Sounds pretty scary though.Things like that aren't very fun and they leave ya feeling pretty weird after. (Cameron, Naomi and a friend had a near death experience Kayaking. Everything turned out OK. Just another one of life's experiences where you witness the hand of the Lord. So happy that I actually had put their names in the Temple that day!) Sounds like you had a fun time at girls camp mom. I'm not sure you should be doing that after your neck surgery. Jori (Gavin's soon to be missionary cousin) sounds awesome! I know she and her family will be blessed by her serving. And Mike Cutler is off to Russia. That's crazy! It's funny hearing all the gossip on the mission because I have no idea about anything so when you hear things it seems weird, no matter what it is!

Life is full of tests and if it weren't for the Gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ we'd never be able to overcome any of them. Thanks for the example you guys have given me and continue to give me. I love my family!
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This and that!

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Una Semana Mas!

Hi family,
So another week has gone by the way. This "gripe" (swine flu) thing is getting out of hand down here. I guess it's a big deal in the states as well. Everything is closed down. Vacations for everyone again! They're obsessed with vacations. Everyone is out of school and the stores are closed for like a month. The weird thing is the Church is in on it too! We won't have Church services until the 26th. Haha...how are we supposed to baptize!!! I guess this is the way Mexico handled the situation and got rid of it so that's what they're trying to do here. Pero, que' se' yo? Nada! (but what do I know...nothing)! So we will see how it turns out. It's weird to think I'll be "inactive". It's even funnier for the people going home this transfer because they will go home being "inactive" haha.

This week work wise was pretty slow, but we are still baptizing Jorge Cruz and Hilda Meldina this Saturday. We just can't invite tons of people which is too bad because it's a baptism. We're not supposed to have church meetings and jazz thanks to the "gripe" (flu). I guess it's pretty bad. Supposedly the states have a lot of deaths caused by it and Argentina is up there as well. You guys probably know more about it than I do.

Well, the burn you saw on my hand mom, dang you have good eyes...too good of eyes, and that "nariz" (nose) of yours smells things for miles. (Don't you know by now you can't fool your mother Gavin??) Yes, I burned my hand but that was back in Quilmes 3. Someone's house burned down in our ward. They were less active members so we were helping them. I got transferred before we finished the job but the first night that we went over, we went upstairs to go check everything out. They thought it would be a great idea to cover a hole in the ground with a little thin mat. Great idea...as I was walking down the stairs I stepped right in it, rolled my ankle and another great idea, they had put a heater right at the bottom of the stairs with no cover on it. I fell right on it and burned my hand. It was pretty funny. I didn't realize I was burned until after after. I couldn't tell if it was hot or cold but then it began to sting. It's already healed. The guy of that family (Cruz) started coming back to church though. The lord works in mysterious ways...so moral of the story...don't go inactive or your house will burn!

"Espero lo mejor por cada uno de ustedes. Nunca te olivdes tus raizes, que estan en el evangelio. Hay que tener tu base en el evangelio para que no te caigas. La felizidad que queremos que tengamos no va a venir con cualquir otra cosa. Quizas un ratito, nada mas, pero la podemos tener para siempre jamas'. Que bueno que es. Que tengan una buena semana, y que Dios te bendiga!
(I hope for the best for every one of you guys. Never forget the reasons that you have the Gospel. You have to be firmly planted in the Gospel in order not to fall. The happiness that we want and that we can have can't come any other way. Maybe a little, but nothing more. Through the Gospel we can be truly happy for every more. How great is that! Have a great week and may the Lord bless.)
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Monday, July 13, 2009


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Will it go in?

He still has the magic touch!

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El Jaguel

Like the trash? haha! We have tons of it in El Jaguel. Notice the river that is dried up in trash.
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...and to some is given the gift of Music!

The miracle of piano flash cards!

I never doubted you for a minute Gav! I'm a believer!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I finally wrote you and sent you a pic and video of Troy. Hope you enjoy! And I hope you write me back... that would make my day.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Que haces loco?

Well, how do I start...I'll start with some good news from THE El Jaguel. We have found some awesome people this week. We found a chica and her man who aren't married but are going to. If not, we will make them! They're awesome. We found them through the worst of way of finding which is by making contacts. Her name is Maria and her novio (boyfriend) is Raul. He works at the airport and she lives with her mom who won't even look at us, she's so Catholic. It's so funny. She waited for us to leave before she'd come back to her house. And that was a long time because they had so many questions it turned out to be a very long cita (appointment). We finally got to the Book of Mormon. It will change their lives. I just know it! After that, we found 3 other's. A mom and her daughters who are from Paraguay. We found them through the best way of finding. Through a member, the mother's niece. She is actually awaiting her mission call right now. We just taught them last night. It was really cool. The daughter's are super interested therefore, they are for sure going to progress.

This week we did 2 intercombios. Both times I stayed in the area. It was kind of hard because I'm still learning it but it helped me a lot and both days we did really well. We worked really hard and found people and that is our focus! We need investigators...lot's of them! In Quilmes 3 we had tons. It was awesome because we basically could choose where we needed to go to teach. Right now we don't have many choices but it's all changing. Things are going well.

Back to the world...So Michael Jackson died? Argentina might not make it to the World Cup? And the States played Brazil in the final? I've got to know who won, and I've got to know now! A member showed us the two goals that we had on Spain. That was raddddd! Estudiantes from La Plata in our mision is still in the Cup down here. I think they've got one more until the finals.

Sounds like you guys had fun playing golf. That course sounds super nice. I'd love to play it. There's nothing better than playing on pure greens...and you had a caddy! haha. That's great! I don't know if I've ever played on a PGA course, so tooshay mom that you beat me to that one. Remember when you used to rock us in Tiger Woods Wii golf? And Bowling? I never beat you once. Haha, but Jill and I owned everyone in Wii tennis, so at least I've got that going my way. Next P day we might be hittin' the lynx. It's cold and the grass is yellow but I like my chances. We live super close so I don't think it'll be a shot in the dark. Today for P day we watched a couple of movies with a projector in the pench of Spegazzini. It was great. They have a couch and 4 mattresses!

Tomorrow we have interviews with Pres. Asay. He's such a great guy. And so is Hermana Asay. They've done so much for this mission. I haven't heard or met anyone that doesn't respect the guy and that means a lot in Argentina. People get offended pretty easily here. The members that are inactive are usually inactive because they've been hurt by someone. They seem to forget why we go to Church and who we worship.

Well, I hope you're all doing great. Man our family is so great! We are so blessed. I am so blessed!

Que tengan una buena semana, suigan en el correcto. Hagan lo que puedan. Les amo muchisimo y manden saludos a todos. Y tambien por aquellos que quieran, oren para que los investigadores que tenemos aca Del Jaguel progresen, y encontremos mas asi que les quiero muchisimo, y esta es la iglesia verdadera sin duda quiero que sepan que yo estoy segurdisimo que una persona puede acercarse a Dios atreves El Libro de Mormon mas que cualquier otro libro. Entonces...leelo!
(Well have a great week and stay good. Do what you can. I love you so much and tell everyone hello. Also for those that care, pray for our investigators that we have here in El Jaguel that they will progress and that we can find more. I love them alot. This is the true church without doubt. I want you to know that I'm sure that a person can get closer to God by reading the Book of Mormon more than any other book. Therefore... READ IT!)

Justify FullHere's some pics from our intercombio. Elder Velasquez cooked us some food from Peru. It was awesome. Sooo good! This is the Familia Aravena. The coolest people in the ward. He served in the North mission and she's from Peru but it looks like I didn't get a picture of her. Pero, para que sepas?! (But, what can you do?)
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New comp new area...

Elder Jensen is my new comp from Gilbert, AZ. He's super funny. Reminds me Jordan Beech. I laugh at just about everything he says. We walk the streets and spit or in other words, bust out some beats and rhymes. It's funny. You'd have to be there. We get along really well. It's funny because in the mission soccer tourny he tried to take me out slide tackling me. I got super annoyed and was like man, I would hate to be comps with that guy! Turns out he's my next comp! haha...coincidence? I think not! But he's way cool. There's some great people here. My favorite is a married couple who is from Mendoza and served in the North mission. The wife is from Peru. She's always on facebook and every time we go over there, she's on it. She's probably not as obsessed as you are mom, but close! She looked up your profile pic and there you were... chilin' in the stream in our backyard with Big D. And, before I forget...Happy Father's Day pops! I probably should have said it last week cause now I'm a day late but I hope you had an awesome day and know that I love you and that you are an amazing dad. You deserve a day to enjoy yourself. Sunday would be a good one. Watching the US Open too! I'm not jealous....and Juansito, happy birthday mi amor. If I were there I would kiss that shiny head of yours and then b slap you like the good ole' days and then give you the "washing machine"!
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Here's a bunch of pics that we took in Monte. My comp is District Leader for the Hermanas so we had to go do an interview there. It's a very nice area with a Lake and all. The church is awesome! It used to be a dance club.
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New Area El Jaguel

Pictures taken from my roof of my new area in El Jaguel

Dear Gavin...should I be concerned about the photo of the plane wreck? Love, Mom
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Chariots of Fire?!

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It's a miracle! He can cook!

Some tortillas sent from home...Express mail no less! Cure for taco cravings...worth every cent!

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Adios Quilmes 3 y Elder McConkie!

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