Friday, July 3, 2009

Zone Conference with Elder Aidukaitis

So this week was crazy good! (June 16th) Elder Aidukaitis came and spoke at our zone conference. He came down on us pretty hard but it was awesome. He's a funny guy. He's super tall. He acted out a bunch of approaches on how to get contacts. It was way funny. Supposedly we're supposed to be a lot more forward with the people in order to get into their homes to teach. I'm not sure if that will work, but hey, it came from a General Authority so you've got to try it! After the conference there were three people chosen to have an interview with him. I was one of them. Man, I was scared out of my wits! It felt like he and President Asay were staring right through my eyes back into my brain! I went in there speaking English while he kept speaking to me in Spanish. I thought he spoke English, which he does. It was awesome. He asked me about what I've learned. He asked questions to get to know me better. He committed me to applying some things and then he asked me if I had any questions. And...I froze man...I froze! I said of course I do, but I can't think of one stinkin' thing right now! I should have asked him if Cane was still on the earth or something cool like that, but...oh well! It was pretty cool!.

We've been doing well this week in El Jaguel. This area hasn't baptized in almost a year and those baptisms were nino's. So, we are excited to be teaching Jorge Cruz who's 24 and Hilda who sings the hymns really enthusiastically! I had to talk for a little bit in Sacrament meeting and introduce myself. I miss my last ward. The Obispado (bishopric) was so awesome. It's okay though. Hay que perserverar (We have to perservere)! The Obispo (Bishop) is super young. He's only 27. He served in Columbia and his wife served a mission too. So, I guess that's what people do these days...the guys that serve missions marry girls that serve missions! haha

We played soccer today in El Jaguel with our zone and Florencia Varela (my first zone). It was super fun. I had a goal, but not a "goaloso"! I enjoyed myself though. Our zone is awesome. I really like it. Next transfer will be super different though. Basically half of the missionaries will be gone. I'm in the same zone as Elder Lewis which is fun because I was with him back in Solano. He goes home this transfer. He's such a stud. I'm doing great and sounds like everyone else is too! I hope things in the world change for the better and that everyone will just read this Book of Mormon that is blue! It's true!

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