Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Happy Day! Baptisms in El Jaguel!

Hi Family,
This week was great! Despite the rain, we baptized yesterday! I baptized Jessica Candia and the Uncle baptized Maria Fernanda. The Uncle was so happy for that family to have the Gospel. He is from Ezeiza. He's the Elders Quorum Pres. He and his wife are so short as you can see below. They are really strong Saints of the Church. Just awesome supportive people. They will really help the family Alvarez stay active. I just wish they were in our ward to help them come every week. It's been really awesome re-activating that family and teaching them. Especially because there is always a bunch of other people that live with them. They always listen to what we teach. I know that it will be only a matter of time until they "darse la cuenta" (come to understand) what they need to do. We baptized the girls yesterday. We weren't able to confirm them. We wanted to baptize them on Saturday but we had a service project "como estaca" (with the stake) so we were all painting a school. Now with General Conference next week they won't be able to be confirmed until the next Sunday. "Pero, que va a hacer?" (What can you do?) Hardly anyone was at Church. It was embarrassing. Not even 30 people. We don't have paved roads so the roads just turn into straight mud when it rains. That tends to keep the people away. But, the baptism was super neat, and spiritual. I was glad Jessica wanted me to baptize her. It's been a while since I've actually done it personally.

Mom, I want you to know what a great example you are to me. Some words that you once said have stuck in my mind. I never really understood why until the mission. You said, "I can't believe that all my kids have gone through the Temple! I am so blessed"! Wow, if I only realized then how lucky I was to have had that opportunity to take out my endowments. Pres. says it takes like 50 times of going through until we are worthy of it. I can't wait to be able to go all the time. We live so close to one now in Draper!!!!!! Temple blessings are crazy, insanely ridiculous and perfect! Everything has just been making sense and I love it! I love you, Tell pops he's awesome! Have a good week. Tell Bishop Dibble I am praying for him. I love that guy and hope the best for him.
Love your son!

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Photos from Hermano Aravena

Here are some fotos of some of the service projects we've been doing. Many are from Hermano Aravena. He just may be the coolest slash funniest man on earth!

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Service projects!

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Eagle Scout Elder Harris

Me and Elder Harris are doing great! He's so funny. He gets so excited over the littlest things. For example, he about died when he found out his jacket had a pocket on the inside of it. Then he died again when he flipped up the other side and found he had another one! ha ha! He's got a mosquito net set up over his bed. It's so cold at night that I haven't even seen a mosquito around here yet! He's definately an Eagle Scout. I didn't even have to ask him. But, thanks to mom, so am I! She's a two timing Eagle Scout, right Cam?
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Apparently Elder Schupple kicked the ball over the fence and the Senora of the house won't let us get it for a few hours! Way to go Elder Schupple! He's ruined P Day for us (haha)!

This week was great, we were able to go to the Temple as you already know, but I have still been reflecting about that. It's too bad that it will be the last time I'll be able to go on the mission. I know I've been lucky enough to have even been able to attend the Temple while on my mission as I know many other missionaries in other places can't.

Not sure what this, but apparently they are having lot's of fun in the work!

Do you recognize these faces? :)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, here we are....

Hi family, sorry I am writing today, Tuesday instead of Monday this week. We had to change P day so we could go to the temple today. It was awesome! It makes me know how special the Temple really is. I love the feeling in there and the spirit. I hate walking back out into the world. I wish I could just live in the Temple. It's an amazing place. I can't wait to go to other temples when I get back because I won't be able to attend this one anymore. They are closing it to make it bigger at the end of October. I saw tons of people from the West mission today. I was thinking how crazy it would be if Jill was already here, but it's just our luck that when she gets here, they close the Temple. I did see Elder Evans one of my MTC comps today. He is training some kid that was in the same district as my hijo (greenie). He's doing great! I wish I would have taken a picture. I'm slow when it comes to thinking sometimes. I'm kind of bummed about it now, but whatever. I got sick this last week during intercombios. I had to do a couple of baptismal interviews with the worst migraine ever! I finally threw up a few times then felt better the next day. I'm sorry you got sick in Oklahoma mom but if you take the positives out of the trip, at least you were able to wear your BYU shirt amongst the Sooner fans before they got killed by Florida state! (And that I did Gav...and I WAS noticed)! Hopefully the Cougs can pick themselves back up. I heard Florida has a way good team again this year. This pleases me.

This week I about blacked out when I ran into a metal trash can thing that was connected to a tree! It came out of no where I'm tellin' ya. It was pouring rain so I was looking down watching my step and just smacked my face so dang hard! It was pretty embarrassing. It was just two houses down from where we were headed with the mission leader to give a blessing of salud (health). It was pretty funny. When we got in the house it was so hot I had to sit down and gather myself. I felt like Whit's been feeling on those drugs from getting her tonsils out!

Mom, you asked if I did any pranks on my comp Elder Harris from Washington (thanks for answering my questions Gav). The answer is some. I make him do contacts to members which is funny and tell the members to keep giving him food and then I tell him to say thanks for the "porqueria" which means crap! It's hard though because we don't have too many members we can mess around with like that nor investigators. Pero que vas hacer? About packages, I had to pay 6.50 pesos for that last one. The dollar equals 4.2 pesos now, para que sepas (just so you know). I think it cost tons because you sent three boxes. Yes, but wow, was it great! I'm still reaking the benfits. Thanks a bunch! Me tengo que ir, pero les amo muchisimo ya la iglesia es verdadera!!! (I have to go but I love you all tons and the Church is true!) I have been fasting since before lunch yesterday and Elder Velasquez made "Arroz Chaufa"! It's so dang good! Besitos para todos! Go Cougs!!!

Elder Harris' first asado!

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Nothing like an Argentine rain storm!

This is how you know it's time to do laundry day!

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District meeting in Monte...

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Happy 27th Birthday Cam!

Here's to a guy who's been easy to love, full of laughter and fun, athletic, talented, always teachable, always humble, one who tries his best at all he does. We love you!
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Happy 4th anniversary Cam and Naomi!

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