Thursday, September 10, 2009

365 days down...365 days to go! Happy Hump Day Elder Rice!

What a difference a year makes! Keep up the good work Gavin!

Dear Family,
I don't have a lot of time...I am sorry, but we finally got a machine (I think that means a hard working plan of attack and comp) and I gotta get back to work in a second, but yeah, my new comp is Elder Harris. He's a super insanely enthusiastic person. He is pretty intense with everything he does. It's great! Oh mom, I remembered your birthday during the week and felt super bad I forgot to tell you. So here it is in this email. Happy Birthday! I know it's late, but I'm sorry! (no worries Gav, thank you for even remembering)! I didn't forget...ask Big D. I was trying to get something made for you, it'll get done when I can find some time which might not be for awhile, but vamos a ver! (we shall see).

So, training is fun, but stressful. I kind of have to teach all the lessons but it's cool, I don't mind that. I try to include him as much as I can. He can understand better than he can speak, but I think he's doing really well for only having a week in the country. He understands when people ask him how many brothers and sisters he has and where he's from and that sort of thing. So that's always good stuff.

This week we were able to find 8. We're hoping to keep on finding more and more so we can get some people to llegar (arrive) to the baptismal font! The family Alvarez is progressing and being awesome! They came to Church this last Sunday again. The two girls that we'll be baptizing came on their own without their parents even. The parents came a little later. They're so cool! I'm super excited to see their progress. Oh and the Cougs! Yeah!!! Take that OU and Adam and Whitney that is if they're rootin' for the Sooners! That's so cool! I talked with Elder Fitch about that Dallas Cowboy Stadium. He said it's supposed to be like a wonder of the world! Dang that's awesome that Adam and Whitney were able to be there. Pretty crazy! 14-13 eh?! I wish I would have been able to see that. Brazil beat Argentina 3-1. ha ha if they keep losing they're not going to make it to the world cup! You'll have to record all the games so I can watch them when I get back. That's not for awhile! (365 days Gav:) but I'm giving you the heads up! Sorry I don't have more time, but I hope all is well and all that mushy stuff!
Happy B-day mom,
Elder Gavin Phillips Rice
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Venna said...

Not the best pics, but the only ones I could find! I guess it wasn't the "happiest" of days, (entering the MTC) but what a blessing it has been to see you grow and develop so much Gavin! Thanks for carrying the "Whetman/Rice" torch proudly to Argentina!

Pedaling said...

entering the mtc much happier than some of the alternatives!
great job ma and pa rice- he's a great boy-
love you guys!

Venna said...

So true Sheila! Congrats again on that beautiful baby! You've got up to me now! One of each!

Venna said...

I meant "caught" up to me :)