Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Go Argentina!!

Adam dressed Troy today and this is what we got!
Thought you all would like this {especially Gav} since Argentina is such a big part of our family.
Thanks for the jersey Gav. Fits him perfect now!
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Rise to your potential...

"The difference between hot chocolate and a steam locomotive is one degree, one degree! What is keeping you from your full potential?" It takes 212 degrees for water to boil. Boiling water creates steam and steam can power a locomotive, but at 211 degrees... you just have hot water. What is the one degree that is holding you back? What is it that you are not giving up for the Savior? Think about it. We all fall short of the glory of God, find that one degree and change. Rise to your full potential. The Savior is on your side and He is your advocate to the Father. Lean on Him and He will make your burdens light.
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Que gozo (What joy!)

Hey Family,
So, a lot changed this transfer. Me and Elder Holladay are staying together in El Bosque. haha. Should be great. We are working well and are seeing the blessings. Last week my comp had his second baptism of the mission and was able to baptize Jesus Cardenas. It was really cool. Jesus is an awesome guy and I really admire him and his hard work for his family as well as his desire to follow the Lord. He's a stud! Orlando, the guy that has come to Church the last four Sundays in a row, should be getting baptized soon as well. He's got such a great testimony already. As well as the family German and Monica who have 2 kids. Two little boys. They are doing the steps to be able to get married. I can't wait until they get baptized. That will be so awesome to baptize a family! Also, Kevin who is his nephew has been coming to Church. He's the one who just got here from Peru not too long ago. He already wants to be a missionary! He's had a crazy life but it's amazing how his prayers have been answered through finding the Church. We had a great Sunday meeting. I think the baptism has really helped the ward. Kevin said to me after the meeting in English..."and so...what if I want to be a missionary?!" I was like..."that would be rad...but you're going to have to be baptized first"! haha...he's awesome! We also are going to teach his little brother who hasn't come to Church yet, but he's cool. He's 14 and Kevin's 19.

Well, tonight we have an FHE with a family who's inviting another family over who were going to teach tonight. I'm excited! As well as Ibiz who's awesome. We have an appointment with her at the Bishop's house this week. We taught her this last week in a members house. She's golden! Enjoy the pics. Hope everything's going well...Congrat's to Cam and Homi! I was smiling when I read that! That's awesome...I love you guys...love me!

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Love these people...

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Felicidades Familia Cardenas

The celebration after the baptism

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Para Siempre Dios este con Vos...(God be with you 'til we meet again)!

We had transfers today and President and Hermana Asay are peacin' out, as well as the Fitch's. It's too bad because they are great people! They will really be missed. I'm sure the "newbies" will be just as great though and hopefully make good brownies as well!

(Muchas gracias Asay's and Fitch's for taking such good care of our son as well as many other's!)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup...

P.S. Don't worry...I'm keeping up with the World Cup. It's impossible not to here. Esp. when Argentina is playing. We heard everyone go nuts as we were walking in the street...we....being the ONLY people in the street! Everyone else is inside glued to their TV's! I wish I could watch all the games. It's okay though...I only have to wait 4 more years to see the next one...right?
P.S.S. Monica is the lady from Quilmes 3. We baptized her daughter. She's so funny!

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More P day activities...

Today for P day we went to the Catholic Cathedral again. We got to go up in the towers. A girl who is a member of our Church gave us a tour. She'd add in comments about it not being the true church. It was pretty cool though, except you couldn't see too far out because it's been raining way hard all day and is super foggy. Oh, and guess what...The elder's in my last area got robbed with a shotgun! I always told them not to worry that the area was super tranquilo and then they go and get robbed when I leave!

This is a pretty long email. I'm sure you'll be happy about that mom. (Yes sirree Gav! I LOVE it! I think it's a new record for you!) I'm trying to remember all the things that happened this week. It was crazy. This transfers about over and the Asay's will soon be gone. That's pretty crazy stuff. President is an amazing guy and will be missed, as well as Hna. Asay and her brownies! Well, pray that I can stay in my area, cause it's the best area and I don't want to leave!!! I'll keep you all in my prayers as well.

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We had 4 in Sacrament meeting Sunday. German and Monica our investigators who also need to get married and his nephew who just got here from Peru 3 weeks ago. It's amazing that he already came to church. He loves it! He's 18 and speaks really good English. Orlando has been to Church 3 weeks in a row since we found him. He's awesome! He has that trouble with his spine so he walks with a cane like Moses. He's so awesome. We're going to take out a baptismal date with him this week. He already knows a bunch of members and that is so great. We also have a lady, Ibis who we are going to teach in a members house this week. She has come to Church twice and has completed every challenge that we've given her. We hope to also teach her husband as well. They are way cool.

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Baptism in the Milcreek 3rd Branch...

Congrats on the baptism you guys had. I laughed out loud about Big D having to wear 2 jumpsuits. That's risky business. I hope it went well and not too many pictures were taken! (Daris didn't realize that they had requested him to perform the baptism and he wasn't prepared with the "proper" clothing! A great day though and fun that we are sharing some of the same experiences with Gavin. We helped with the wedding of this great family on Monday and they were able to be baptized on Friday.

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The marriage of the Cardenas Family

Wow, this week we got Jesus Cardenas married. It was awesome!! He's waited forever to get married. Problems have always arisen to prevent it. He's known the missionaries ever since he was like 18 and now he has 6 kids and his oldest is 18! He had a lot of problems right before the marriage this time as well. Two of his daughters were hospitalized and it almost caused it to fail yet again...but it didn't They got married and now they're getting baptized this week! It's going to be awesome! I love this family so much! We help them a lot. They sew and make tons of stuff for some store. We helped them this morning finish like a billion jeans they were sewing. I do the easy stuff like put clips on them or turn them from inside out to outside in. It's fun to help them though. They're great people. They're from Peru as well. We eat Peruvian food so much it's ridiculous! I love it though. I'm going to come back with a gut!

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