Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Un dia de lluvia...(A Day of Rain)

Hey, what's up? A lot of stuff happened this week. It was pretty crazy. This week in Sunday School with our investigators we talked about sacrifice. It was such a good class. I've never learned about or had more prayers answered by the Spirit than I did this past Sunday. We read the parable in Lucas about the poor kid who asks Jesus how to get into heaven. Jesus tells him to obey the commandments, and then he answers and says, well, I've done that my whole life. So then Jesus tells him to sell all that he has and to distribute it to the poor. He gets upset about this. I love what we learn about how the gospel is more than just keeping the commandments. Sacrifices are really necessary to purify us. I've been loving the scriptures lately and getting so much more out of my gospel studies, it's awesome.

It was fun to see the pics of Adam's graduation. That's cool that he's a doctor. Good job Whit...jk. It sounds like everyone is just super busy, well from what mom has to tell me since I never hear from anyone else! jk. I wrote Cam like 3 times at the end of mom's emails...I understand how it is, but I would like to have updates on my sobrinos (niece and nephew). I miss them.

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