Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The marriage of the Cardenas Family

Wow, this week we got Jesus Cardenas married. It was awesome!! He's waited forever to get married. Problems have always arisen to prevent it. He's known the missionaries ever since he was like 18 and now he has 6 kids and his oldest is 18! He had a lot of problems right before the marriage this time as well. Two of his daughters were hospitalized and it almost caused it to fail yet again...but it didn't They got married and now they're getting baptized this week! It's going to be awesome! I love this family so much! We help them a lot. They sew and make tons of stuff for some store. We helped them this morning finish like a billion jeans they were sewing. I do the easy stuff like put clips on them or turn them from inside out to outside in. It's fun to help them though. They're great people. They're from Peru as well. We eat Peruvian food so much it's ridiculous! I love it though. I'm going to come back with a gut!

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