Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More P day activities...

Today for P day we went to the Catholic Cathedral again. We got to go up in the towers. A girl who is a member of our Church gave us a tour. She'd add in comments about it not being the true church. It was pretty cool though, except you couldn't see too far out because it's been raining way hard all day and is super foggy. Oh, and guess what...The elder's in my last area got robbed with a shotgun! I always told them not to worry that the area was super tranquilo and then they go and get robbed when I leave!

This is a pretty long email. I'm sure you'll be happy about that mom. (Yes sirree Gav! I LOVE it! I think it's a new record for you!) I'm trying to remember all the things that happened this week. It was crazy. This transfers about over and the Asay's will soon be gone. That's pretty crazy stuff. President is an amazing guy and will be missed, as well as Hna. Asay and her brownies! Well, pray that I can stay in my area, cause it's the best area and I don't want to leave!!! I'll keep you all in my prayers as well.

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Pedaling said...

not the true church.