Monday, June 7, 2010

Deja' Vu!

Hey Family,
This week was great! We had some really neat experiences doing service for people on the street. We were helping some older ladies. One lady locked herself out when she went in to get a broom for us to help sweep up her leaves. Her neighbor tried to help her get back in with a tool that he had so while he went in to get it, we took the time to offer up a prayer in her behalf and to teach her for a few minutes outside. When the neighbor came back, he tried to open the door with a big ole' wrench thing and it just messed up the door. Her husband was working in the Capital in Buenos Aires and wasn't going to be home until late so I stuck my key in to see if I could unlock it. Argentines use skeleton keys so you never know. Well, mine didn't work so my comp tried his key which was the same as mine and it opened up. It saved her 50 pesos and a lot of trouble. She was so happy she kept saying, "God helped you" and starting telling everyone about it. Then she let us in and fed us cake. It was sweet! While helping another lady, we talked about the Plan of Salvation not knowing that her son had passed away only 20 days ago. She was outside raking leaves trying to get her mind off of it. We haven't been able to find her though after helping her. She gave us 10 pesos but we stuck it back inside the folleto (pamphlet) and gave it back to her. So hopefully she'll read it and find the money. She was pretty sad. There are so many sad stories out here. We've got it good in the states.

Today for P Day we played soccer. It was fun. I want to play a lot when I get back. I love it! I just miss being active. Oh, also some biker that was riding behind us popped out in front of a motorcyclist. The guy slammed on his breaks and went a tumblin'. He was HUGE and way mad. I thought he was going to kill the guy. He started kicking his bike and hitting him with his gloves. The other guy was so scared, just some little Peruvian. Oh, and last Saturday there was a fight in front of our pench. It woke me up at like 5 in the morning with a bunch of pibes and cops. It was cool. Some guy got slammed against our window, well, the bars in front of the window (I think I'm happy they have bars on their windows Gav). They were drunk though and so loud. They were yelling out a lot of bad language.

Oh, and PS...Orlando came to church again. We're going to take out a baptismal fecha with him. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets baptized soon. He's just got a bad problem with his back. He has a tumor in his spine I think. He can't really walk too well, but he loves the Church and has gone ever since we found him. Well, two weeks in a row. He's a stud! Peru rocks! Mom will you send me the pics of when we were in Peru with Cam? I want to show a family who has a computer tonight. This guy is getting married on Friday and we're baptizing him this transfer. Thanks! I love you! Record the first game of the World Cup on Friday and all the USA games. Also the Argentina games and when Brazil and Portugal play...just record a bunch. I wish I could watch them. I love you guys. Enjoy the World Cup! PS are the Laker's winning the finals?

Elder Rice

Gavin happens to be teaching a lot of sweet Peruvian people in his area right now so since he didn't send us any pics today, I will add these memories from Peru in Machu Picchu when we picked up the first Elder Rice (Cameron) in Argentina in 2003.
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