Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This week was awesome! We have 2, basically 3, fecha bautismales (baptismal dates) for this transfer. We found a lady and took out a baptismal date in the first lesson. She's awesome. She cried, it was sweet. She loves the Book of Mormon. She reads it every night now. And, we are going to baptize a guy name Jesus. He's basically a member but after years of waiting, can finally get married. He's getting married on the 11th and baptized on the 19th. We also took out a fecha with this pibe named Ricky. He's been to Church a ton and plays soccer with all the jovenes (youth) and all. He just doesn't take anything serious, so we're not sure if we're going to baptize him. He's already had fechas and even had his interview, but we're going to work with him. Me and E. Ingram did intercombios this week. It was way fun, oh, and we found this guy named Orlando who has very bad back trouble from working on a boat in the sea, fishing. I'm sure it's way hard work. But, we went with a member and picked him up for church and he loved it! He even saw some of his nephews who are in members in the other ward. He said to them..."you guys never invited me but here I am"! haha. He's a stud. P.S. all these people are Peruvians. We had a way good week this last week. It's just gotten better and better by the week. This area is amazing. I love it! Accept for the bikes...we get them fixed like every day I swear. Oh, I ate it the other day. I was hanging a right at the intersection going fast and it had been raining all week. But yeah, there was some loose gravel on the road and I swung around this pothole and slid out taking a nice little spill. Luckily it was dark so I wasn't seen by too many. It was funny though. He mom, will you send me some pics from when we were in Peru and Macchu Picchu so I can show my ward since they're all Peruvians? And before I forget, yes mom, I got your package and have been really enjoying myself with it. Thank you so much. I'm pretty sure I already told you, but thanks again anyways.

So Gegs is in the Provo MTC? At least he's finally out. Too bad about his VISA. He's a stud. Hope things are going well for him. Trent Williams is weeding at our house? I love Trent Williams! Sounds like you guys are just golfing a ton. That's awesome! I'm jealous. I miss golf a lot, but I'm so happy to be here in this area. It's amazing. This transfer is flying by. We have so many investigators and are finding more and more. The people are awesome!~

I'll send a bunch of pics next P Day. I can't send any on this machine. I'm sorry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I love you guys...love me.

P.S. Receive is a verb. So, to receive the Holy Ghost you have to do something. Like with the scriptures...if you just read them and don't apply them, they do us no good, as well as the conference talks. We can feel the Spirit as we read them or listen to them, but if we don't do anything no nos sirve...viste? (they do us no good...understand?)

Love, Elder Rice

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