Friday, May 28, 2010

Pensando en vos siempre...(Thinking of you always)!

Hey Family,
So this week was pretty rainy, but not too bad. It was like super foggy and way humid. Felt like wet air! I can't really explain it. It would rain at night though. We had a really good week with numbers, and that's what's important...right?! No, but we had our investigator, Yolanda from Peru tell us that she can't talk with anyone right now. She just needs to relax and take it easy for four months because of "health reasons", or something gay. She cried when she told us. There's something fishy going on and we need to figure it out. We have a couple of family's we're working with that are in the process of getting married. We want to baptize them way bad. We have had some great references that we have started teaching that are way cool. So do that for the missionaries...instead of praying for the missionaries to find people to teach...pray so that you can find someone to have the missionaries teach. That's a lot more sincere and way more help!

I did intercombios with my district with elder Theuson. He met Jill in the MTC and talks about her more than I do. It was pretty fun. I went out to Ensenada. We had a really good day. Their area reminds me of the Coast. A lot of old people and pretty tranquilo. This week we'll be doing intercombios with the zone leaders and hopefully I'll get to be with Elder Ingram again. That would be fun. He was my MTC comp. He's a stud. So funny, I love the kid!

I'm sending a bunch of fotos...hope you like them. I love you guys. Hope everything is going well. Take care. Tell Cam good luck with the MCAT test. I'll be praying for him.
Elder G. Rice
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