Tuesday, May 18, 2010

El Bosque

Hey family,
This week was awesome. We really had a great week. Our ward is amazing! It's like a real ward, with real people, real members. I can't explain it. It's just so different than any other area I've been in. There are only like 12 Argentines and a billion Peruvians. We have lunch every single day and we eat so much because the food is so good. They give us so much to eat. If I die (finish the mission) in this area, I'll come back home like 50 pounds heavier, I swear. (You could use a little more weight Gav.) Especially being winter here now and all. But, we have bikes which is rad. We get around really fast and quick like. Viste? (understand?)

This week we took out a fecha (baptismal date) with a way old Peruvian lady who didn't come to church, danget. But, we have a lot of investigators here and were able to find even more this week. I love the villa's here. They're like tall skinny pathway, windy city villas. It's just like way rad. It's hard to walk in there with my bike though cause the handle bars are so big. I've got the handle bars that are like a motorcycle. It's way comfy though. I like it. My legs have been burning from riding the bikes though. I feel like I haven't ridden a bike for like 2 years...oh wait...probably because I haven't! Oh, and mom, if you send a package, we always love Rice Crispy Treats and Peanut Butter M&M's. (Keep your eyes open for the mailman Gav!)

La Plata here is way nice. It's hard to get used to. People are kind of just doing their own thing. I'm still not used to it, but I think I'm adjusting just fine. My comp is cool. We're staying positive and keeping good attitudes. An investigator that we found this week, Christopher se llama, really made me think because of the super deep questions he was asking me. No one has asked me questions like this before. He asked about doing things in fear of God or doing them because we love God and love to serve Him. I think it plays it's part in 'clean hands and pure heart.' I think it means that when we learn to love God, we have a great desire to serve Him. Not out of fear, but out of love. He asked some other crazy deep ones about pre earth life, mostly all having to with Satan. He's crazy, but he's cool. But anyways, yeah things are going good here. I love you all...go to Church, make sure Laynie and Troy don't grow up until I get home.
I love you all. Thanks for the love and support. Have a great week!

P.S. Cam, I'm from Boca yes, but also from Estudiantes. Don't forget to record the World Cup come June 10. Thankssssss!

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