Monday, May 3, 2010

Tu tu ben po aca (Whatever that means)!

This week was great! We baptized two. We baptized Luz and Maria. The Branch President baptized Luz and my comp baptized Maria. I'm so happy to be baptizing Beatriz next week...she's already interviewed and ready to go. We've been working hard with her the last two transfers. Her mom should be getting baptized with her but we haven't been able to talk to her because she's always at the hospital with her son who got robbed and stabbed. So, hopefully, she'll be motivated to get baptized with her daughter Beatriz. She's 23 and has a kid. He's not old enough to get baptized. Oh jeez, and Tomasa...(she was in the fotos I sent home with a little grey line going down the front) came to Church yesterday. She's awesome! Amazing! She answers all the questions and stuff. At the baptism there were a lot of people. Most of them were investigators and non members. There were like only 3 members. Freaken branch! But anyways, the Pres. did a little class thing because of all the new people and Tomasa answered like all the questions! She's golden! She has 6 kids and is separated. She can't go to Church when her husband comes over though because he's a drunk and hits her. I hate how guys treat girls here. It's terrible! But she will be getting baptized next transfer. We should also be baptizing the Presidents sister in law as well as her daughter. Her daughter already wants to get baptized. She asked when she has to take out a "turn"... classic Argentine lingo! They always have to "sacar un turno" for things. But anyways, transfers are next week. I'm 99 percent sure I'm staying. I'm kind of hoping to receive un compadre (companion) from the states. Q no sea banana (not sure what that means). We'll see what all goes down. The World Cup starts in 5 weeks. That's too bad the Jazz lost to the Lakers. It's okay...I like their chances. Stupid Lakers always crush our dreams. But D Will is a machine and he'll get it done. He's way under rated.

But, I can't wait to talk with you guys next week. P.S. the story about dad and the short cut made me laugh. That was funny. Tell me more funny stories. Well, I miss you guys and hope things are going well. Tell Gegs to write me before he leaves. (I told him that his friend Gegs was sitting at our table eating breakfast this morning...Gegs leaves for Brazil next week)! I won't see him for 4 years. Ha! Enjoy the pics. I haven't taken hardly any. These are from my comps camera. There's one from the baptism with a bunch of peeps, but it was kinda blurry. The one on my camera was way worse. Latinos struggle when it comes to taking pictures. Much love in the yum (apparently this note is full of his new slang terminology)! Oh, and PS what's this about me being too skinny...I was skinnier before the mission. I eat like there's no guys eat! (I think he looks pretty skinny so I told him to eat!)

Oh, and I almost forgot about the phone call...we don't have it figured out yet because we're a threesome. We have to all use the phone in the chapel but I think it'll be like 5ish our time por ahi...? (for over there?...) I'm sorry just be home and I'll call. When another elder used his phone card from this phone his phone card wouldn't work so you might have to call me. I'll find out the number to the chapel and see what I can do it get it to you or something. But just plan on me calling in the early afternoon your time. You're missionaries'll be busy! (Not too busy for my phone call Gavin! I wouldn't miss it!) hmmm if it doesn't work out...there's always next year right? (WRONG Gavin...this is my last Argentine Mother's Day phone call! You better do it!!!)

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