Friday, May 28, 2010

Pensando en vos siempre...(Thinking of you always)!

Hey Family,
So this week was pretty rainy, but not too bad. It was like super foggy and way humid. Felt like wet air! I can't really explain it. It would rain at night though. We had a really good week with numbers, and that's what's important...right?! No, but we had our investigator, Yolanda from Peru tell us that she can't talk with anyone right now. She just needs to relax and take it easy for four months because of "health reasons", or something gay. She cried when she told us. There's something fishy going on and we need to figure it out. We have a couple of family's we're working with that are in the process of getting married. We want to baptize them way bad. We have had some great references that we have started teaching that are way cool. So do that for the missionaries...instead of praying for the missionaries to find people to teach...pray so that you can find someone to have the missionaries teach. That's a lot more sincere and way more help!

I did intercombios with my district with elder Theuson. He met Jill in the MTC and talks about her more than I do. It was pretty fun. I went out to Ensenada. We had a really good day. Their area reminds me of the Coast. A lot of old people and pretty tranquilo. This week we'll be doing intercombios with the zone leaders and hopefully I'll get to be with Elder Ingram again. That would be fun. He was my MTC comp. He's a stud. So funny, I love the kid!

I'm sending a bunch of fotos...hope you like them. I love you guys. Hope everything is going well. Take care. Tell Cam good luck with the MCAT test. I'll be praying for him.
Elder G. Rice
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New contacts?

You know missionaries...they'll talk to anyone to get a good referral!

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New District...New Comp

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Possibly the Macarena?!

Gavin used to do a mean 'flyin' squirrel' back in the day! Guess he's added a few more moves!

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A little site seeing...

Today we went to a huge Catholic Cathedral. It was way rad because it was so different than what I'm used to. It was so big too! I've never seen people pray to Saints and get all emotional over statues and stuff. Definitely an experience.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

El Bosque

Hey family,
This week was awesome. We really had a great week. Our ward is amazing! It's like a real ward, with real people, real members. I can't explain it. It's just so different than any other area I've been in. There are only like 12 Argentines and a billion Peruvians. We have lunch every single day and we eat so much because the food is so good. They give us so much to eat. If I die (finish the mission) in this area, I'll come back home like 50 pounds heavier, I swear. (You could use a little more weight Gav.) Especially being winter here now and all. But, we have bikes which is rad. We get around really fast and quick like. Viste? (understand?)

This week we took out a fecha (baptismal date) with a way old Peruvian lady who didn't come to church, danget. But, we have a lot of investigators here and were able to find even more this week. I love the villa's here. They're like tall skinny pathway, windy city villas. It's just like way rad. It's hard to walk in there with my bike though cause the handle bars are so big. I've got the handle bars that are like a motorcycle. It's way comfy though. I like it. My legs have been burning from riding the bikes though. I feel like I haven't ridden a bike for like 2 years...oh wait...probably because I haven't! Oh, and mom, if you send a package, we always love Rice Crispy Treats and Peanut Butter M&M's. (Keep your eyes open for the mailman Gav!)

La Plata here is way nice. It's hard to get used to. People are kind of just doing their own thing. I'm still not used to it, but I think I'm adjusting just fine. My comp is cool. We're staying positive and keeping good attitudes. An investigator that we found this week, Christopher se llama, really made me think because of the super deep questions he was asking me. No one has asked me questions like this before. He asked about doing things in fear of God or doing them because we love God and love to serve Him. I think it plays it's part in 'clean hands and pure heart.' I think it means that when we learn to love God, we have a great desire to serve Him. Not out of fear, but out of love. He asked some other crazy deep ones about pre earth life, mostly all having to with Satan. He's crazy, but he's cool. But anyways, yeah things are going good here. I love you all...go to Church, make sure Laynie and Troy don't grow up until I get home.
I love you all. Thanks for the love and support. Have a great week!

P.S. Cam, I'm from Boca yes, but also from Estudiantes. Don't forget to record the World Cup come June 10. Thankssssss!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Pictures

Gav, thought you would like to see Troy folding his arms. He loves to fold his arms for prayer! He is such a little stud. Can't wait until you can wrestle with him! Love ya.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New area new Comp...

First of all, Happy Mother's Day mom! Wow! I'm retarded...I didn't even say that once and we talked via SKYPE! I'm sorry, but hope you had a great mother's day...(No worries Gav...your call made the day PERFECT)! So, I'm in La Plata. My area is El Bosque with Elder Holladay from Pennsylvania. Our area includes the Stadiums of Estudiantes and Gymnasia, the two soccer teams that are huge rivals here. It's pretty rad! I've always wanted to go to La Plata so I could say that I was from Estudiantes. I've had the jersey for like a year but now I can rep it with pride! We have bikes! But my pedal is broken so it's in getting fixed. I'm excited for bikes. I've never had an area with bikes. Our area is pretty nice. We have villa here but it's like nicer parts of some of my other areas. It's way safe so no worries. And, I guess there are a ton of Peruvians that cook us food. We have lunches every single day. That's so crazy! I've never had that! But, I haven't met any members yet. I didn't have time to write yesterday because we got back late and had to go to a cita. It felt so weird...we taught at like a table with an educated couple. I don't know how to explain it but it was just weird. It's got a different "ondo" (I'm thinking that means feeling) over here. It'll take some time to get used to.

So anyway, back to the phone call...So you heard me right, when I asked if we were going on a family vacation when I get back? That would be fun. It was really nice talking to you guys. It made me realize how much I actually really do miss you all. Especially Troy and Laynie. I wanted to hold Laynie upside down like Cam was and dance with her and stuff. I can't wait to be able to do that. I hope they don't grow up too much in the next 4 months. Hopefully I'll have some more "sobrinos" (nieces and nephews) and will be able to be a part of their first two years. but anyways, oh yeah, if you're going to send me a package, my comp just got a package with a bunch of great stuff and I don't think he's into sharing. I've already dropped way too many hints and he's not responding, haha...but yeah, okay beef jerky would rock. Reece's like the egg ones from Easter. I don't know why, but they're so much better, like those tree ones you sent me for Christmas...way good...sour patch kids. The watermelon ones too. I dunno if you send something, just surprise me.

Guess what? Elder Ingram is my Zone Leader. That'll be fun. I have hermanas in my district again! And Elder Thuesen and his nuevito (new missionary) that he's picking up right now. He came in when I trained E. Harris. Harris is training too. He's in La Plata as well but in another zone. I'm in Villa Elvira or something like that. There are 3 zones here in La Plata. But, anyways, here's some fotos of the last week in La Carolina o sea (in other words) El Parque.
Love you,
Love, Elder Rice

Monday, May 3, 2010

BYU Women's Conference 2010

My sister in law, Brenda Dudley was asked to head up the service project for women's conference this year making infant baby blankets. It was fun to be together with many of the 'Rice' girls having fun while giving service. Hope to make it a great tradition with my own girls as well someday.

Tu tu ben po aca (Whatever that means)!

This week was great! We baptized two. We baptized Luz and Maria. The Branch President baptized Luz and my comp baptized Maria. I'm so happy to be baptizing Beatriz next week...she's already interviewed and ready to go. We've been working hard with her the last two transfers. Her mom should be getting baptized with her but we haven't been able to talk to her because she's always at the hospital with her son who got robbed and stabbed. So, hopefully, she'll be motivated to get baptized with her daughter Beatriz. She's 23 and has a kid. He's not old enough to get baptized. Oh jeez, and Tomasa...(she was in the fotos I sent home with a little grey line going down the front) came to Church yesterday. She's awesome! Amazing! She answers all the questions and stuff. At the baptism there were a lot of people. Most of them were investigators and non members. There were like only 3 members. Freaken branch! But anyways, the Pres. did a little class thing because of all the new people and Tomasa answered like all the questions! She's golden! She has 6 kids and is separated. She can't go to Church when her husband comes over though because he's a drunk and hits her. I hate how guys treat girls here. It's terrible! But she will be getting baptized next transfer. We should also be baptizing the Presidents sister in law as well as her daughter. Her daughter already wants to get baptized. She asked when she has to take out a "turn"... classic Argentine lingo! They always have to "sacar un turno" for things. But anyways, transfers are next week. I'm 99 percent sure I'm staying. I'm kind of hoping to receive un compadre (companion) from the states. Q no sea banana (not sure what that means). We'll see what all goes down. The World Cup starts in 5 weeks. That's too bad the Jazz lost to the Lakers. It's okay...I like their chances. Stupid Lakers always crush our dreams. But D Will is a machine and he'll get it done. He's way under rated.

But, I can't wait to talk with you guys next week. P.S. the story about dad and the short cut made me laugh. That was funny. Tell me more funny stories. Well, I miss you guys and hope things are going well. Tell Gegs to write me before he leaves. (I told him that his friend Gegs was sitting at our table eating breakfast this morning...Gegs leaves for Brazil next week)! I won't see him for 4 years. Ha! Enjoy the pics. I haven't taken hardly any. These are from my comps camera. There's one from the baptism with a bunch of peeps, but it was kinda blurry. The one on my camera was way worse. Latinos struggle when it comes to taking pictures. Much love in the yum (apparently this note is full of his new slang terminology)! Oh, and PS what's this about me being too skinny...I was skinnier before the mission. I eat like there's no guys eat! (I think he looks pretty skinny so I told him to eat!)

Oh, and I almost forgot about the phone call...we don't have it figured out yet because we're a threesome. We have to all use the phone in the chapel but I think it'll be like 5ish our time por ahi...? (for over there?...) I'm sorry just be home and I'll call. When another elder used his phone card from this phone his phone card wouldn't work so you might have to call me. I'll find out the number to the chapel and see what I can do it get it to you or something. But just plan on me calling in the early afternoon your time. You're missionaries'll be busy! (Not too busy for my phone call Gavin! I wouldn't miss it!) hmmm if it doesn't work out...there's always next year right? (WRONG Gavin...this is my last Argentine Mother's Day phone call! You better do it!!!)