Sunday, September 20, 2009


Scored with a little lovin' sent from home to say "Happy Halfway" Mark to our favorite Elder!

Scored with a little soccer action...

Scored with a great new companionship. Bienvenidos a la Argentina Elder Harris!

Score! Well, what can I say...someone is scoring by selling know what!

Familia Mia,

I'm still feeling pretty bad for OU. (in regards to the OU/BYU game). That must have been rough to be upset like that. Even though everyone else looks at it like an upset. We all know that if BYU would have lost the game everyone would have been shocked. I'm still feeling pretty good about that win. And, the Bronco's pulled out an awesome game against the Bengals it sounds like. Thanks for the updates. Those are nice to get every once in awhile. Hopefully the Broncs and the Cougs can have a good year this year. That would be rad. First off mom, tell grandma thanks a bunch for that batch of fudge she sent me. It was amazing! I did an intercombio with Elder Schupple. I spared a little piece for him. He asked for the recipe but I told him the secret ingredient was love and he'll never have that. That only comes from Grandma Whetman, so he's pretty bummed about that. It was great though. I have been enjoying all the great things that you sent me that the states have to offer, that Argentina does not. It's great!

This week flew by super quick. We are already on the third week of this transfer. That's nuts! I have to do a bunch of baptismal interviews this week for my district which is sweet. Just means we're baptizing!!! I was able to have one last week. It's really great talking with the people that have been able to prepare themselves for baptism. It's a great opportunity for me and it just helps strengthen my testimony. We had a little 8 year old get baptized on Sunday. There were some non members there so we "provachered" (took advantage) of the time and taught the restoration while they were changing their clothes. It was awesome. A really spiritual baptism. I hope that when we baptize the Familia Aravena that it will turn out just as good or ever better. Also, this week, well last week, I crossed the railroad tracks and felt like I needed to talk with this man named Miguel. We got his info and passed by. He is a really nice older guy who lives alone. Well this last week we were able to take a fecha baptismal out for him, which we are really excited about for next month. El Jaguel hasn't had 3 fechas (baptisms) in a long time I guess. So, that pleases me. It'll just be hard to get him to church. It's a challenge because he has a problem with his feet. But, with a little bit of help I think we can do it. But, me and Elder Harris (o sea Harry Potter) are working hard every day. Poor kid, gets so tired. He fell asleep in our consejo de barrio (ward counsel meeting). It was pretty funny. The bad thing is that he falls asleep as soon as he hits the pillow and snores so loud. It takes me forever to get to sleep. And then he yells in his sleep! I always wake up trying to figure out if he's talking to me or not, but I can never stay awake long enough to figure out what's going on. Oh and because he is a red head, everyone always asks him if he is albino. It makes me laugh so hard. He gets it all of the time, poor kid. Most of the time he doesn't understand what's being said though so it doesn't bother him. But, we're doing great. Hope everyone else is doing great too. When you think you're not being blessed or feel less fortunate, count your blessings. I mean it...seriously count them. Write them down. You'll be surprised how many blessings you have that you don't realize or don't deserve. I feel so blessed just to have the family I have and to be born into the church, and to be an American. P.S. Argentina is losing every game. They're not going to make to the Mudial (World cup) if they keep losing!!! A World Cup without Argentina, no puede ser (that can't be)! Have a great week.
Elder Arroz con Leche
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