Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Success in El Jaguel...

This last week we baptized Hilda Meldina and Jorge Cruz. It was awesome. We didn't have to do hardly anything besides get it set up. We were the "testigos" (witnesses) but we got the ward to take care of the rest. It's too bad that no one from either of their families attended though. Not one single person. Jorge's brother was even going to baptize him. His family has been baptized but fell away. We're hoping to help them out if we can. Our bishop is pretty cool. He get's so excited over the work which is awesome! He and his wife both served in Columbia. There's another guy who served in Chile who just got back a monoth ago. He's from Paraguay but is going to be living in our branch for 2 years. He will help us out a ton! When the bishop found out about him coming here he was so happy it was funny! We need more "sacerdotes" (Priesthood) so we're going to prepare Jorge to get the Priesthood which will be awesome. Then maybe we can send him to give some blessings. Seems that everyone always needs a Priesthood blessing.

We're running pretty low on investigators. We couldn't really find or teach the ones we thought were prime last week and we only found one new one. But he's the dad of Elizabeth and the wife of Rosa which is cool. A family! The daughter is in a wheel chair, super nice and going to really progress.

So, some good news...we bought some sling shots because the neighbor dog is the stupidest thing in the world. He only barks at US, and whenever we leave the pench he comes right after our ankles! So, we bought wrist rockets and tons of marbles. We've been owning this dog! We throw out bait at night and wait for dogs to come hoping it will be him. But, apparently he's smarter than he looks I guess. I got him good once with a double A battery. I'm still feeling good about that. I hit a horse which was pretty funny. I was aiming for the dog but then a horse came running by. A bigger target I guess. It's been fun though...gives us something to do after a hard day. Just take it out on the dogs! (I promise Gavin is kind to animals...he loves them, except the ones that bite:)!

Well, I hope you guys are doing as good as you say. I hope Cam and Naomi are alright. That's crazy. He would be doing kayaking and saving lives. Some things will never change. Sounds pretty scary though.Things like that aren't very fun and they leave ya feeling pretty weird after. (Cameron, Naomi and a friend had a near death experience Kayaking. Everything turned out OK. Just another one of life's experiences where you witness the hand of the Lord. So happy that I actually had put their names in the Temple that day!) Sounds like you had a fun time at girls camp mom. I'm not sure you should be doing that after your neck surgery. Jori (Gavin's soon to be missionary cousin) sounds awesome! I know she and her family will be blessed by her serving. And Mike Cutler is off to Russia. That's crazy! It's funny hearing all the gossip on the mission because I have no idea about anything so when you hear things it seems weird, no matter what it is!

Life is full of tests and if it weren't for the Gospel and our Lord Jesus Christ we'd never be able to overcome any of them. Thanks for the example you guys have given me and continue to give me. I love my family!
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