Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Una Semana Mas!

Hi family,
So another week has gone by the way. This "gripe" (swine flu) thing is getting out of hand down here. I guess it's a big deal in the states as well. Everything is closed down. Vacations for everyone again! They're obsessed with vacations. Everyone is out of school and the stores are closed for like a month. The weird thing is the Church is in on it too! We won't have Church services until the 26th. Haha...how are we supposed to baptize!!! I guess this is the way Mexico handled the situation and got rid of it so that's what they're trying to do here. Pero, que' se' yo? Nada! (but what do I know...nothing)! So we will see how it turns out. It's weird to think I'll be "inactive". It's even funnier for the people going home this transfer because they will go home being "inactive" haha.

This week work wise was pretty slow, but we are still baptizing Jorge Cruz and Hilda Meldina this Saturday. We just can't invite tons of people which is too bad because it's a baptism. We're not supposed to have church meetings and jazz thanks to the "gripe" (flu). I guess it's pretty bad. Supposedly the states have a lot of deaths caused by it and Argentina is up there as well. You guys probably know more about it than I do.

Well, the burn you saw on my hand mom, dang you have good eyes...too good of eyes, and that "nariz" (nose) of yours smells things for miles. (Don't you know by now you can't fool your mother Gavin??) Yes, I burned my hand but that was back in Quilmes 3. Someone's house burned down in our ward. They were less active members so we were helping them. I got transferred before we finished the job but the first night that we went over, we went upstairs to go check everything out. They thought it would be a great idea to cover a hole in the ground with a little thin mat. Great idea...as I was walking down the stairs I stepped right in it, rolled my ankle and another great idea, they had put a heater right at the bottom of the stairs with no cover on it. I fell right on it and burned my hand. It was pretty funny. I didn't realize I was burned until after after. I couldn't tell if it was hot or cold but then it began to sting. It's already healed. The guy of that family (Cruz) started coming back to church though. The lord works in mysterious ways...so moral of the story...don't go inactive or your house will burn!

"Espero lo mejor por cada uno de ustedes. Nunca te olivdes tus raizes, que estan en el evangelio. Hay que tener tu base en el evangelio para que no te caigas. La felizidad que queremos que tengamos no va a venir con cualquir otra cosa. Quizas un ratito, nada mas, pero la podemos tener para siempre jamas'. Que bueno que es. Que tengan una buena semana, y que Dios te bendiga!
(I hope for the best for every one of you guys. Never forget the reasons that you have the Gospel. You have to be firmly planted in the Gospel in order not to fall. The happiness that we want and that we can have can't come any other way. Maybe a little, but nothing more. Through the Gospel we can be truly happy for every more. How great is that! Have a great week and may the Lord bless.)
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