Friday, July 3, 2009

New comp new area...

Elder Jensen is my new comp from Gilbert, AZ. He's super funny. Reminds me Jordan Beech. I laugh at just about everything he says. We walk the streets and spit or in other words, bust out some beats and rhymes. It's funny. You'd have to be there. We get along really well. It's funny because in the mission soccer tourny he tried to take me out slide tackling me. I got super annoyed and was like man, I would hate to be comps with that guy! Turns out he's my next comp! haha...coincidence? I think not! But he's way cool. There's some great people here. My favorite is a married couple who is from Mendoza and served in the North mission. The wife is from Peru. She's always on facebook and every time we go over there, she's on it. She's probably not as obsessed as you are mom, but close! She looked up your profile pic and there you were... chilin' in the stream in our backyard with Big D. And, before I forget...Happy Father's Day pops! I probably should have said it last week cause now I'm a day late but I hope you had an awesome day and know that I love you and that you are an amazing dad. You deserve a day to enjoy yourself. Sunday would be a good one. Watching the US Open too! I'm not jealous....and Juansito, happy birthday mi amor. If I were there I would kiss that shiny head of yours and then b slap you like the good ole' days and then give you the "washing machine"!
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