Friday, July 3, 2009

Que haces loco?

Well, how do I start...I'll start with some good news from THE El Jaguel. We have found some awesome people this week. We found a chica and her man who aren't married but are going to. If not, we will make them! They're awesome. We found them through the worst of way of finding which is by making contacts. Her name is Maria and her novio (boyfriend) is Raul. He works at the airport and she lives with her mom who won't even look at us, she's so Catholic. It's so funny. She waited for us to leave before she'd come back to her house. And that was a long time because they had so many questions it turned out to be a very long cita (appointment). We finally got to the Book of Mormon. It will change their lives. I just know it! After that, we found 3 other's. A mom and her daughters who are from Paraguay. We found them through the best way of finding. Through a member, the mother's niece. She is actually awaiting her mission call right now. We just taught them last night. It was really cool. The daughter's are super interested therefore, they are for sure going to progress.

This week we did 2 intercombios. Both times I stayed in the area. It was kind of hard because I'm still learning it but it helped me a lot and both days we did really well. We worked really hard and found people and that is our focus! We need investigators...lot's of them! In Quilmes 3 we had tons. It was awesome because we basically could choose where we needed to go to teach. Right now we don't have many choices but it's all changing. Things are going well.

Back to the world...So Michael Jackson died? Argentina might not make it to the World Cup? And the States played Brazil in the final? I've got to know who won, and I've got to know now! A member showed us the two goals that we had on Spain. That was raddddd! Estudiantes from La Plata in our mision is still in the Cup down here. I think they've got one more until the finals.

Sounds like you guys had fun playing golf. That course sounds super nice. I'd love to play it. There's nothing better than playing on pure greens...and you had a caddy! haha. That's great! I don't know if I've ever played on a PGA course, so tooshay mom that you beat me to that one. Remember when you used to rock us in Tiger Woods Wii golf? And Bowling? I never beat you once. Haha, but Jill and I owned everyone in Wii tennis, so at least I've got that going my way. Next P day we might be hittin' the lynx. It's cold and the grass is yellow but I like my chances. We live super close so I don't think it'll be a shot in the dark. Today for P day we watched a couple of movies with a projector in the pench of Spegazzini. It was great. They have a couch and 4 mattresses!

Tomorrow we have interviews with Pres. Asay. He's such a great guy. And so is Hermana Asay. They've done so much for this mission. I haven't heard or met anyone that doesn't respect the guy and that means a lot in Argentina. People get offended pretty easily here. The members that are inactive are usually inactive because they've been hurt by someone. They seem to forget why we go to Church and who we worship.

Well, I hope you're all doing great. Man our family is so great! We are so blessed. I am so blessed!

Que tengan una buena semana, suigan en el correcto. Hagan lo que puedan. Les amo muchisimo y manden saludos a todos. Y tambien por aquellos que quieran, oren para que los investigadores que tenemos aca Del Jaguel progresen, y encontremos mas asi que les quiero muchisimo, y esta es la iglesia verdadera sin duda quiero que sepan que yo estoy segurdisimo que una persona puede acercarse a Dios atreves El Libro de Mormon mas que cualquier otro libro. Entonces...leelo!
(Well have a great week and stay good. Do what you can. I love you so much and tell everyone hello. Also for those that care, pray for our investigators that we have here in El Jaguel that they will progress and that we can find more. I love them alot. This is the true church without doubt. I want you to know that I'm sure that a person can get closer to God by reading the Book of Mormon more than any other book. Therefore... READ IT!)

Justify FullHere's some pics from our intercombio. Elder Velasquez cooked us some food from Peru. It was awesome. Sooo good! This is the Familia Aravena. The coolest people in the ward. He served in the North mission and she's from Peru but it looks like I didn't get a picture of her. Pero, para que sepas?! (But, what can you do?)
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