Monday, January 19, 2009

Trabajando con Elder Fafai

Elder Fafai is from Salt Lake. He has been Gavin's trainer and was recently transferred to La Plata. Gavin was extremely sad to see him go. He was a great example to teach by example with a good attitude and hard work ethic. The Solano area has loved him as well and are still asking about him. Together he and Gavin have had many investigators at church each week and even though the area is very poor, the branch is very strong. The member's are happy to help and go on divisions with the elder's. Gavin had a baptism last Saturday. Gustavo (not sure of the last name). They had 7 investigators to church again this week as well. Gavin is now serving with Elder Tingey from Idaho who will be leaving for home in just a couple more weeks. These transfers have forced Gavin to take charge of the area. Growing pains are some times uncomfortable, but always good for the soul!
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