Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hasta Vernos con el Rey....(Until we meet again with our King)

Here is our last email from Elder Rice as a missionary in Argentina. It's hard to believe his mission will soon be over and that he will be back home again. How we have enjoyed sharing in his mission experience. It has been a blessing to us all!

To all of the people of Argentina who have touched our lives over the many years as so many in our family has served there...Muchas gracias por su amor y amistad y todo que nos han dado! Que El Senor les bendiga siempre!
Con amor, La mama' Rice

First of all, it's not necessary to invite everyone on facebook to my homecoming. We don't want a bunch of floaters. We know they all come for the food and not for the message or the missionary. We've all been there before, but I guess what's done is done. (Sorry was the best way to let people who want to come know.) Oh, and mom, happy stinkin' birthday on the second. I hate forgetting to do the whole 'wish them a happy birthday the week before' because of the internet. I'm sorry, but sounds like Big D was successful this year in his gifting. Tooshay pops. I bet your clubs are nicer than mine now. But that can change right? Let's do some updating when I get back. haha!

I can't believe this is my last week. It really is disgusting! I would have been more happy to go home like a year out, but now it's hard. It sucks leaving this area. Especially because this week I took a spiritual kick to the gut. John went to turn in his papers to get married on Saturday and they said they have the date to get married on the 17th and to bring back the papers on the 10th. That was not what we were told. I have it all written down in my agenda. ..the dates, what we needed to bring and when and everything. We specifically asked for the 10th or before. Ha! It's such a disappointment. I really wanted to be there for their baptism. They've come to church the last 6 Sundays. I can't believe it still! It still hasn't hit me that I'm leaving. I need to start taking more pictures. I'm going to take pictures with everyone, print them off and when I get home, I'll send them back with stuff written on the back. That's on my to do list. I'll just send them to my comp Elder Torbenson. That's a must do!

This Sunday we talked about eternal marriage and temple sealings. It was a great class and Micaela who is getting baptized this Saturday still was there and loved it. She and her husband who's a member got married this year. She's awesome. She works for the police like CIA style. I think the thing I love most about her is that she is just normal. Normal doesn't come easy sometimes. But they're awesome people and want to get sealed after a year of her being a member. I would more than love to see that and the sealing of Jesus and his family. I've met so many great people here in this ward. We'll have to come back in the future and visit them. We can go as a big family and visit the west side too, even though we know that the south is so much better!

We have a bunch of members wanting to feed us here for my last week. It's been awesome. They've been canceling appointments with other people so that they can feed us. On Wednesday the brother and sister in law of Micaela, Fabian and Gisela are giving us an asado. My last one! It'll be great. I'm having them sign a little book I bought for them to write stuff.

I got my Argentina documents today. I'm with E. Ingram in Buenos Aires. We had to go to Adrogue to search for them. We're going to get some stuff for the families. I just don't know what...I was thinking of Alpargatas. They're cool, comfy Argentina kicks like slippers but for everyday wear. They're cheap, like 15 pesos. Oh, and you like mate? (No mi hijo no me gusta)!...and have you written my talk yet?! (You need to write mine now Gav! My job in that area is now finished!) Just kidding. I may be selling those Eccos you sent me to E. Harris. They were too big and I need some money cause I owe the offices like 300 pesos. Even though the system went down and says that I have zero debt, it's just the honor code. I know that I owe that money. I lost a cell phone and bought Bibles for people so I spent my emergency fund a long, long time ago.

Anyway, I love you guys and will be seeing you all in a week! Wow, that is so weird! I can't fathom it. I hope you're happy to see me...I know Venna is! (Yes I am...I've been your most faithful letter/email writer and package te olivdes eso Che')

Elder Rice


Whitney said...

now this needs to turn into a blog book!

Anonymous said...

Duh like only Venna is happy to see him! Geez!

Pedaling said...

it's over, already?

wow! can't wait to see the boy who became a man!