Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Argentina or Bus-- oh Bust!

So, my mom is probably the cutest mom in the world. When Cameron was leaving the MTC for Argentina, my mom was by the exit by our house with a big sign waiting for Cam to see her! When the bus came and she could see Cam in the window, she couldn't resist- she had to follow it!
Well, I thought that would happen all over again with Gavin. My cute mom was in the rain with flags and Gavin's cardboard cut-out (no not protesting against Obama, which some people thought) and unfortunately the bus got delayed and my mom thought she had already missed him and went home for his airport phone call. Gavin left for Argentina November 10th! He had a layover in Ft. Worth, TX and I was thinking I would go see him at the airport, but he didn't have much of a layover.
I wonder if I will be the same way when Troy leaves. I don't like thinking about it, but I had to share this picture of my cute mom's rainy adventure!


Valaine said...

That is so funny! Way to go Venna! We mothers are soooo dedicated aren't we? I hope he is doing well.

Kira said...

hahah that is the best!