Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Uncle Gavin meets Laynie!

The MTC Mission President calls Gavin into his office... Gavin is terrified and quite nervous, because WHO gets called into the President's office... probably someone in trouble right?! Well, the Pres. said to Gavin, "Well, What did you do Elder Rice?", Gav's like, "I dunno"... Then the Pres. goes on to say that he had talked to another Elder Rice who also served in Argentina... still didn't click with Gav (yes, I am not alone!)... Huge Pause.... and about 5 seconds later, the lightbulb turns on- "Oh! My Brother?!"... Then he proceeded to ask Gav if it was ok if Cam and Naomi were to bring Laynie over so Gavin can see his first niece! Here are some pictures from that visit. Gav got to feed her and also witnessed a blowout! Ha!

Cute brothers!

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Venna said...

Gavin's last MTC letter (a special one to his mama:) said that he wished he and Cam could be comps! They are good brothers and will another connection with both serving missions in Argentina!

Did I mention how jealous I was not to be able to go to the MTC with Cam, Naomi and Laynie for the special visit???!!!

Raber Family said...

What a special trip! That would have been neat to have all three of you Argentina missionaries together in the MTC. What a neat family you have. So glad he got to see his little niece before he left. Reminds me of when Auntee Venna got to hold Stormi and I at the airport before she left on her mission! :) I don't want to think about sending my little one(s) out on a mission yet, but that day will come I'm sure. Not ready for that yet. Hang in there Venna, he's going to be a great missionary!