Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a Small World Afterall...

I've been transferred to Quilmes 3 and guess what? One of the counselor's in the Bishopric, Hermano Gatica served with Cameron in Mendoza when Cameron was Assistant to the Pres. Pretty crazy how small the world really is. It's pretty weird trying to adapt myself to a new area. It just feels all funny. We have some really cool investigators though. Sunday was pretty cool. I taught a gospel principles class while my comp. went out and brought in the less active members. We had over ten in our class. The people here are so funny. As of last night we had to move our stuff into Quilmes 4. It's okay though because it just happens to be the nicest pench in the mission. It's crazy nice...the shower has pressure...and it's like...nice...not to mention that it's close to the Hermana's area which means we're sitting pretty. The only bad thing is, now we have to take a bus over to our area because it's so far away. Elder McConkie and I will be living with Elder Mickelson and Elder Bushman. Tomorrow we have Zone Conference. I'm excited for that...I can't wait actually. Hopefully I will get a letter, it's been awhile. I'll get a little motivational boost with or without it though. Pres. Asay always has amazing Zone Conferences. I'll probably even get an Alfajor (cookie) or something for my birthday! Yay fun!
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