Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who says a mission is all work and no play...

So, let's start with the "spiritual stuff"...I played golf today!!! It was only 50 pesos!!! It was awesome!!! It was a legitimate club. We traveled up to Ezeko to a place called Lomas. There is a golf club in Argentina haha...right next to the train. It was so rad! I saw a guy that looked like "Camilo Villegas" (an Argentine pro golfer) so I told him so. He just looked at me like I was an idiot. So, I'm pretty sure he's not too familiar with golf outside of his own club. I was swinging the club as hard I could! It felt so good to swing a club again "por fin" (at last)!!!

Well, Sunday 2 investigators didn't show up that had baptismal dates, so that's not gona happen. Ezequiel, an investigator that had a baptism date for this Sat. pushed it back so that his friends family could come. That's too bad because I may or may not be here because of transfers on Monday. We didn't have many super spiritual experiences or anything this week, but they're coming...I've got a hunch! We're reactivating one of the coolest members down here. Hermano Quintana is so funny. He would always goes on divisions but wouldn't come to Church. He thinks his back is his butt so I always go up and pat his back and he freaks out. It's so funny, and thanks to little Jose' Smith, we have more Jovenes to teach. That kid is a punk slash missionary slash Jose Smith for real!

Elder Bravo said my cheeks have gotten rounder, so basically, I'm fat now...Argentina and their food...it's the same thing all the time. meat, empanadas, pizza, meat, pasta with meat, milanesa, meat and meat...and eggs added on top of everything! Argentina is a funny place. I wish everyone could experience it.

The work in Solano is going really good. I think that wherever I get sent will be a down grade as far as the work goes. Some areas are going to have to be closed due to the lack of success and fewer missionaries.

To answer your questions mom...I'm not sure if there's a daylight savings time. I'm not sure of anything. All I'm sure of is that we have the scriptures and those never change, so I think I'll be set. Those pics of your mish are awesome mom. Your hair is sweet! You should do it like the first one on the blog. Bring back the "do"! Have fun on your next vacation. I know I will!
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