Monday, March 16, 2009

Me Fui Solano...

Here I am in Quilmes 3! My new comp is Elder "McConkadonk" McConkie! He was with Elder Fafai in Solano B before I came. Now we are back together. I feel like the President has given me a gift to have Elder McConkie for my comp. The area seems to be a lot more "tranquilo" than Solano. The villas are scarrier because the ones in Solano were kind of "campoish" and here is like an old ruin "cityish". It's not La Plata or La Costa, but it's awesome. We have a WalMart in our area! It's only like 20 mins. North of Solano, not too far. I'm so happy to be with Elder McConkie. He just might be the nicest guy in the world. It was hard to leave some of the members in Solano though. I honestly didn't want to leave. At transfers it was awesome too because our names were pulled out of the bag to go on "intercambios" (where the Pres. spends 24 hours with a pair of missionaries) with Pres. Asay. I was just sitting with Elder Ingram and thinking how awesome it would be to be chosen and the next thing you know...our names, Quilmes 3 were drawn! We're going to learn a lot from him. I'm really excited. I think I will be stayinig here for awhile so I'm going to try and make myself comfy. Our pench is way nice compared to our last one. You have to think "Argentine" when I say nice. We have 4 fechas (baptismal dates) for this transfer here. Elder McConkie's a really good missionary. Did I mention I'm so excited?

So, yesterday we had a baptism fall through. We didn't have a key to get the "ropa" (baptismal clothing) in the church so it will have to wait until next week and I won't be there. I wanted to baptize him, but it's alright. Good things are here as well. I went from a really good progressing area, to a really good progressing area. The members here are really awesome I hear. I really liked the members in our last area. I kind of got a little too attached I guess. It was hard to leave. Esp. the family Gonzalez and Meza and Hermana Mary Lemos, who I'm pretty sure wrote you mom. She said she did, but you haven't responded yet. (I haven't received a letter or email from her Gav or I would have responded!) You still understand everything in Castellano don't you? Or did I get my brains from pops? J/k. I fault that part of my body. (He's starting to think in Spanish).

Haha, mom, you're quite the blogster. Do you have an addiction? Everyone here talks about how nice Mendoza and Cordoba is. Too bad it had to be me to come here. Haha, no, jk. It's not even about that. I LOVE IT HERE! It's definately not a vacationing spot, but the people need the Gospel, and we want to give it to them! Thanks for all you guys do for me. People always ask me if I miss my family. I just say, "of course I do, but 2 years will be nothing"! Can you believe I already finished a quarter of it? Time flies here! I guess it's the army time or something. My testimony grew so much in Solano. I'm so glad that I was born (started) there, but I can't wait to see what's in store for me in this area.

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Tricia said...

Fun to see photos of good ol' Argentina!!! Sounds like Gavin is doing well!

And loved YOUR mission photos too!!! You were cute back then, too!

It'll be fun to check in now and then and remember Argentina. Great job on this it!

Steph said...

YAY GAV!! Hi cousin you look awesome and it is so great to hear/read how you are doing! Keep up the good work :)