Monday, June 1, 2009

A day in the life...

Wow...I still can't stop thinking about what you told me about Elder Nelson. (Him getting attacked in Africa). That's messed up. This world is messed up. That's just crazy and wrong! There are way too many people who don't understand what they're doing attacking an apostle of the Lord. But anyways, that's awesome that dad get's to go play in a golf tournament in Mississippi with the retired pro's (baseball, basketball, football and hockey guys). He'll have to take some good pics. This cyber (internet cafe) has holes in the ceiling. Water has been dripping on me during my whole cyber sesh para que sepas? (but what can you do?) I kept thinking people were throwing little things at me, but no, it's dripping a ton.

Ok, so this week was sweet. I had my first confirmation in Sacrament meeting. Paula was confirmed. The one we baptized last week. I did the confirmation and it was an awesome experience. More spiritual than doing the baptism, (digo yo). (That's what I say anyway). It was awesome though because it's been raining a bunch here and so not many come out to church. But, at least we had 5 investigators! And Tina is the biggest trooper. She's the lady we found and baptized last transfer. She never faults (misses) a Domingo (Sunday). It takes her an hour to get to the capilla (Chapel) and that villa gets so muddy and gnarly when it rains even a tiny bit. She's super firme (strong). Also, yesterday we did divisions with the coolest joven (young man) in our ward. Se llama (his name is) Javier. Such a cool kid. We got stood up for 3 of our lessons so we did a bunch of contacts. I made him do one, and before he could muscle out a few words, the lady slammed the door HARD in our faces. It was awesome! A good experience for him haha. And me too! But, we got like 3 or 4 "finding" citas (appointments) out of it and 2 family possibilities. Transfers are next week, so I'm pretty sure McConkadonk's out. If I could choose, I'd choose to keep us together one more transfer as co-comp mayores and then train the next transfer, pero, que se yo! (but what do I know) Nothing! Transfers are fun. Everyone get's so excited. It makes me laugh.

This week we found 4 but I, unfortunately, wasn't there to find them. I was on intercombios (divisions) 2 times. One in Pineyro and one in Avellaneda with the zone leaders. That area was sweet. It has the two extremes of living, that's for sure. We taught 11 that day which was awesome, and found a few more. Today we did our documents so I might be a legal Argentine for these two years. If I ever see the documents that is. It takes 3-4 months to get them so hardly anyone ever sees them. It would be a lot easier to have them then I could show the people in the street that yes, I'm a Yankee AND Argentine too!

So, Satan is a real jerk. We had a lady ready for baptism this last Saturday, but she fell and hurt her knees and wrist. It may be broken but she won't go to the medico (dr.) So, she didn't come to Church and is depressed. Hopefully we can go help her. The mom of the 3 girls that we are teaching came up with a bunch of dudas (doubts). We are going to go and try to talk to her tonight without her daughters and see how we can help her too. If we can't help her, then we won't be able to help her kids either. They still might make it to their baptisms this Saturday which would be awesome! The little girl said she received a testimony of the Book of Mormon!!! We were pretty happy about that last night. The other girls are doing awesome too, but one of them looks up things on the internet about Joseph Smith and asks ton's of questions. Of course you can find all truth on the net! (sarcasm)! I'm pretty sure we cleared up all their dudas (doubts) and after we talk to their mom tonight, we will get the ball rollin' again. That's been our main focus. They go to Church and one is in Seminary and goes...every time...once they get that testimony firme (strong) they'll be super firme hasta el fin! (strong to the end)! I LOVE this work and am so blessed to be a part of it. Thanks for all you do for me. Tell grandma I said cuidate!!! (Be careful) I hope you all have a great week. I pray for you everyday. I'm not sure if I told you my quote that I fell in love with or not but I read it a few weeks ago and it's done wonders for me. "Pray as if everything depends on God, and do as if everything depends on you!
Love, Elder Rice

P.S. They're playing "The Cure" here in the cyber! I love my life!

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