Monday, June 1, 2009

Golf Argentine Style

These are some old videos that Gavin sent but I'm just now learning how to blog a video so there will be several to look at :) He's only been golfing once during his 9 mos. as a missionary. Did I say 9 months! Wow...that's amazing! Well, since he hasn't sent any pics the last two weeks I will update you on his latest Argentine adventures. So here goes:

So, this week, we didn't find anyone new to teach and other lessons were hard to come by. We made a ton of contacts and got turned down by everyone. It was a shame. We weren't able to give out any copies of the Book of Mormon to anyone. But, we have some super awesome investigators who are progressing super, super rapido and it's awesome to see. I love it! We did have a baptism this week. Her name is Paula. She didn't make it to Sacrament meeting though to get confirmed, so I'm going to confirm her this next Sunday. We are teaching 3 sister's who are progressing very fast. Natalia, Laura and Sofia. Sofia and her mom Alisia are the ones who found us in the street a few weeks ago. They're so cool. The mom is a less active member, but the girls should be getting baptized June 6th. We are so excited. They are reading and praying and coming to Church. They make us lunch and are so awesome. Sofia, the 11 year old had a birthday last week so we went over. Her uncle called who is an Obispo (Bishop) and wanted to talk to us. He said if we didn't baptize his family he would have to kill us! Such a Capo (Stud)! It was way funny. He's from Misiones. We went on a division with the bishopric that went really well. I took out a fecha (baptismal date) with a lady we've been teaching, an older lady who has the coolest voice in the world. It's kind of like Korihor's from the Testaments, but in the voice of a lady. It's rad.

Today we did some service for Hermana Figueroa, the Bishop's mom. We cut down her trees. It was rad. We felt pretty manly climbing trees and cutting huge branches off with axes, saws and meschedes. It was a good time. After we had a lesson slash lunch with Alisia Buzo and her 3 daughters, (the girl's we are teaching). It was super good and since we worked in the morning instead of the afternoon we're going to get some nice Phase 10 action in and maybe another nap would be nice. Today is Feriado or in other words, free day, (like every other day) but today is Argentina's Independence Day. Doesn't matter what day it is though. It's another a day to celebrate and drink! Yay! If there was one thing I could do in this country it would be to shut down every factory that makes beer and wine. There are some big fans of that stuff here.

Our Sacrament meeting went well. We had 104 which is a record! We were happy. We were in charge of it so that was pretty nice. We had 7 investigators but it seemed like even more because the familia Gonzalez and Adrian came to our meeting. It was awesome. I love those guys! They're from my last area in Solano. Such Capos! Such a strong family in the Church now...and so cool! It was great to see them.

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