Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life on the coast...

Hi family Rice,

It's so good to hear from everyone! It sounds like everyone is doing great. Sounds like Veener (his nickname for me:) is playing some good golf. This pleases me. She will probably beat me the first time I play when I get back. Big D (his nickname for his dad:) was rollin' with a single digit handicap! That's awesome! You never told me that. Congrats.

I can't believe the Cougars lost. What a bummer. Stupid TCU, but the Broncos are playing really well, undefeated still. I like the sounds of that! Is Troy walking yet? Every time I play with the little kids here I think of Troy and Laynie and just get ganas (desires) to play with them. I feel like I hardly know them. Well, I guess it's because that is true. I hardly know them! I knew Jill was getting a latina trainer. I called it!!! An Argentine! That's so cool. That will help her with her Spanish super quick. That's funny that we both got our first Latino Comps the same day. Elder Ordonez is my first latino comp. He is from Chili and loves it there!

So, this last week we found a couple of awesome families but of course, the parents are juntado (living together). Every one here is living in adultery. I guess that is why President assigned me to speak on that very topic yesterday at Church. haha hay que aprovechar el nuevo (always got to try something new)! And they're doing it! I spoke about the whole ordeal with adultery, divorce, marriage stuff and fun chastity stuff. It was great. It actually went pretty well. How they would say it here..."it left me well"! There were probably only about 13 people there though. We don't have too many members, well we do have a lot of members, but there are a lot of inactives. There were like 8 of us for the two classes we had after sacrament meeting. We were supposed to have like 10 investigators come to Church but only one showed up. It was a bummer on that part, but things are looking up here in San Clemente. We want really bad to break the ice with a baptism and then just go crazy here. It's a great place! We've found and have been able to teach some neat people who really need the Gospel. I feel that they have been prepared to receive it. So, let's just pray that they llegar (come)!
Oh mom, how do I make rice? I tried making it again the other day and all the bottom ones burned. What a disgrace! My last name is Rice and I can't even make it! What's the secret? We have to cook basically every day. But I am so thankful to be here in San Clemente and working here with these people and with my comp. We are being blessed in the work and it will just get better and better. Tomorrow we have zone conference with just our zone. It's going to be pretty weird because there won't be many missionaries. After we will have our interviews with Pres. Asay because they kill two birds with one stone when they come all the way down here. I'm looking forward to it. I love the deep doctrine class President gives at the end.

Well, I love you all and am thankful to have you as my family. It's so true that true happiness comes through our families. I'm so grateful for mine. I thank the Lord every night for blessing me so much. P.S. Pray for Jill, the first few weeks can be rough. It's a different life slash world out here!
Love, Elder Arroz con leche

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Raber Family said...

A cool trick the Indian and Persian people out here do is layer thin sliced potatoes on the bottom of your pan before cooking your rice with some oil. Then cook your rice. It fries up the potatoes and the rice doesn't stick. They eat up the potatoes as well. :) That is if you have potatoes though. Hope you have a great week Elder Rice!

Tricia said...

Brings back so many fond memories! I LOVE ARGENTINA!!! Keep up the great work, Elder Rice!

Tom Branch Family said...

Sounds like Elder Rice is lovin the missionary life.
I think someone needs to send him some minute rice, just so he doesn't burn his good name again. As for the "what's wrong pictures" I can't see anything except a couple good lookin elders. Take care and keep doing good out there!!