Monday, October 5, 2009

We have been fed by the mouth pieces of the Lord...Such a great conference weekend!


If you didn't watch conference or were distracted at all, go back and watch it again! Wow, there were some way good talks. Elder Holland's talk on Sunday gave me goose bumps. I wanted to reach through the TV and hug the guy. I loved Saturday's session though. I was so happy to be able to go to it. All the talks on Saturday really touched me. Sunday was awesome as well. I don't know what it is with all the talks. Isn't it crazy how they always speak about the same things but hit different points? Last conference was all about Temples and this conference seemed to be all about love and service. Which is just what we need! Sometimes we get all caught up with what we're doing and with what we need and with what we want, then before you know it, we're in the habit of thinking only of ourselves. We're not going to be happy unless we are doing something to help someone else, at least once a day. Something little but anything. I've been trying to apply that in my life, especially as a missionary. I'm trying to love every one here, even the chorros. Elder Bednars talk really touched me as well as Elder Uchdorf's and Ballard's and Monson's and Packer's and...well, all of them, but those in particular that I remember. Wow it was amazing! I used to try to get out of watching conference. What a fool I was! But that was before TIVO existed, so I have an excuse. Que va a hacer?! So, yes conference was amazing but the highlight of the week was the nastiest Asado (bbq) we've had yet! Oh man, I have never laughed so hard in my life. Some menos activos (less actives) that we always see in the street selling fruits and stuff invited us over for an asado as well as the Elder's from Ezeiza, E. Schupple and Calderon. It was super late when we got there and the meat wasn't even on the parrilla (grill). He knew we were in a hurry so he cooked it fast.

Meanwhile, we sat at a table with his grandma who was about 80 years old in a wheel chair. She was saying all sorts of swear words (yes she is a member) and was flirting with Elder Harris. She had it out for him for some reason. She ended up giving him a ring saying that they were now engaged. He didn't understand everything she was saying, which made it even funnier. Turns out the asado was all chinchulin (cow intestine), undercooked and just nasty. There was so much of it too! So, as we tried to muscle it down Elder Harris was going crazy eating it with huge bites of bread as well as trying to get the grandma to eat some so we didn't have so much of it to eat ourselves. She also kept drinking out of Elder Harris' cup. When she started to eat off of his plate, Elder Harris just lost it. He couldn't help it. He spit his drink out all over the table (see below). Oh man, we about died. We laughed for about 5 minutes straight! I made Elder Schupple snap some pics of Harris as he was dying. It was great! Probably funnier if you had actually been there but although the food was terrible, it was the funniest asado night yet! Oh man, I love my life. Jill get's here in a week! I can't wait until she gets to eat gross stuff!

So, Topher finally got a girlfriend! Oh man, I'm going to miss the wedding! Ashten's heading to the MTC. Kenzie is married to Trevor. Things are changing, but the Gospel isn't! Well, go Cougs and Broncos!
P.S. Do a good deed for someone. TODAY!
P.S.S. I really did love conference so much! I already miss it!

El Famoso Elder Gavin Phillips Rice

As a side note to Gavin's thoughts today, I wanted to add a few of my own. I too LOVED general conference. The light of the Gospel radiates through these good men. I also had a very neat experience chatting on line with an Argentine member who served his mission with my son Cameron in Mendoza. He is now living in an area that Gavin had the chance to serve in. As we chatted with my "rusty" Castellano, we both shared our testimonies about the miracle of the Gospel. We talked about the fact that maybe we did know each other in the Pre-existence. That it was not a coincidence that with all of the Argentine missionaries in my family, that we definitely had a purpose with these good people. He told me how he can't wait to be a good dad one day. They have not been able to conceive so far and it is very expensive for them to get help. I told him we would pray for him. He was so very humble and most gracious. He also told me that he loved our chat, and that he had felt the spirit of it. Such a humble good man. He told me that he will use it to bare his testimony this coming Sunday. I too will use this experience as we are holding a special fast with our YW to teach them the proper way of fasting. I will fast for the Gatica's that their dreams of being parents in the near future will come to pass. So today, I give thanks for my testimony! For the experience of having good missionaries in my family. For the blessing's that missions bring to the whole family. I'm so thankful to be living in a day and with the knowledge that the heaven's are not sealed! That there is indeed a living prophet to guide and direct us! My blessing's are spilling over! I have been fed this weekend with this knowledge and a reminder that we do have a loving Heavenly Father and that through our Savior Jesus Christ all things are possible!

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i loved conference too.

and peoples lives should not change until gavin gets home!