Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi family of mine...this week was a good one. Claudia and her daughter are preparing themselves for baptism this Saturday which is AWESOME! The rama (branch) is super excited. There hasn't been a baptism in a coons age. Pretty crazy how we started teaching Claudia and all of her friends. Elder Ordonez and Pellegrini were given the reference before I got here to find a woman named Claudia. Well, turns out they got lost but clapped a house asking for Claudia. That happened to be this woman's name and by chance she let them in. She's not the type to just let any "fools" in her house, but for some reason, she let them in. As they started talking, they realized it wasn't the reference they had been given by Hermana Norma. Wow, this probably doesn't make any sense. I feel like I can't speak English anymore, but anway, she's getting baptized this weekend! That is, if she doesn't smoke any cigs. We call her every night to make sure she's not giving into temptation. Sadly though, she got robbed the other day. I was hoping that they only took her cigs, but they took her DVD player and other stuff. Stupid people that rob! We were going to do a noche de hogar (family home evening) with her using that DVD player! Punks!

Elder Ordonez is such a stud. We are doing great! We played tennis today. It was tiring but fun. My neck isn't used to seeing the sun though and I got burned. But, it's one of those good feeling burns. But, we have to start working soon because P Day ends early today. We are basically taking off the whole day on Thursday to go hear Elder Bednar speak!!! We're all pretty excited about it, even though he'll probably just bajar la cana (drop the cane) on us.

I went on intercombios (splits) with my district on Tuesday. I went out to Santa Teresita. The Coast rocks! I love it! Even though when we were cruisin' on bikes d (yes they have bikes...we had bikes in our area too at one time but they got stolen and the missionaries never have replaced them), but, anyways, all the streets here are made of sand. In some areas the sand is so deep it's impossible to ride the crappy bikes that we had to able to go through it! I guess I kind of forgot how to ride a bike or something because my wheel got stuck and I ate sand! It was dark though luckily, otherwise the pibes would have given me a hard time. I laughed though. It was pretty funny! So did Elder Gonzalez and he doesn't laugh very often!

Oh, and yesterday we took out a fecha with Alejandro aka Lechuza! He's awesome! He knows everyone here in San Clemente so when he gets baptized he's going to convert this whole dang town! We've got his fecha now, we just need him to cumplir (follow through) and lograr (grow) his testimony super firme (firm). He's super smart. He knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff! He's always telling me crazy facts about the states that I have no idea what he's talking about. He thinks I'm crazy that I'm from the States and don't know, so now I just agree with him. (That's what happens when you leave the country for a couple of years)! Well, I best be going. Saludos a la familia...oh boy, when is Thanksgiving? Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I know it's this month, I just don't know when....READ YOUR SCRIPTURES!

To Mom:
I feel bad not writing you a personal email but my long emails are basically in response to your emails. I love reading your emails. You fill me in on the deets...which is what I need. Chris wrote me the funniest letter last week. I wanted to write back but I don't have time today. What a stud! Mom, you really are so amazing and do so much for me and our family. And behind the scenes I know you do even more being unnoticed and without credit. doesn't even matter to you. You are truly such a perfect mom! (Wish that were true Gavin, but "thanks")! There's not one thing you do that I don't agree with. You even play golf now and good golf! I love you and dad and thank the Lord every day for having the family that I have. I know now how important the family is and how much we are blessed with the family that we have. You and dad should be super proud to have such a successful family. All of us have entered the Temple. Thanks to your guys example to us. Being raised in the church is the biggest blessing that we take...well at least...I took for granted. Thanks to the mission I know now. I owe a lot to the mission. I don't think my personality has changed, but I think I have matured and have set my priorities straight. Well anyways, I love you mom and I love dad too. Tell him that. I hope you guys are happy and doing as great as it sounds. I love my sobrinos (niece and nephew) and want to play with them so bad. They make me "trunky" and I hardly know them! I want to watch them play and to be able to play with them. I hope I have more when I get back! Or at least some on the way! I'll be the favorite uncle. Even though they still don't know who I am. Everyone else already has a jump start! Que Trucho!!!
Te amo, (I love you too very much!)
amame, (I'm so glad you love me!)
Your son! (Your mom)!

Thanks for the email Pops! It's great to hear from you. I love Joseph Smith and am so grateful for my testimony that I have of him. I love the Book of Mormon and am so grateful to be able to have that in my life. There are so many people that don't even know it exists! How sad! It was even written do they not know about it! Well, it's our job to bring that message to them and I feel so blessed to be able to play my little part in His great work. Moses 1:39. I love that. This isn't even for us as much as it benefits us, but it is for Him and His glory. But like it says in Doctrine and Covenants 4, we're saving ourselves while playing our part. I really know what that means now. I know you don't like the snow, but enjoy it cause it's hot here and I miss snow and want to go snowboarding Churchball!!! Thanks for being such a great dad and great example to me and to the fam.
I love you dad,

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