Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Helloww from the coast!

Hey Fam,
This last week was awesome! I saw a Sentra just like Frank. It was great! We also had some sweet spiritual lessons with our investigators. We had to break the news to Marta that she couldn't get baptized though because she's living with her man. It was super sad and she was super bummed! We're hoping that he will let her get married...isn't that terrible..."let" her get married to him so that she can be baptized?! What we really want is for HIM to receive the Gospel slash US! But he doesn't seem to want to, at least for now! But, Claudia and her daughter Ashelen came to Church yesterday so they should be set for baptism at the end of this transfer. We're super excited. There hasn't been a baptism here for forever. Only 2 in like the last 2 years. Like forever ago! But, the Lord is blessing us and we're having success. We could have so many more baptisms if people were just married. No one gets married here. You can tell why things are crazy. The kids all get born into this way of life. I feel bad for all the little kids who have to grow up like that. That would be rough. Luckily I was, and still am, really blessed to be born in the Gospel to my family.

We did intercombios with the Zone Leaders so that I could go interview someone for baptism. It turns out that she smoked that day though so we couldn't go through with it, but we still had our intercombio. I went to Mar de Ajo' with Elder Backman. It was sweet! The coast is awesome. I love it! I'm not going to want to leave this joint. I'll send some pics I took of Mar de Ajo' with this email. Things are going well. Our water came back which was nice and it's not too brown now! (Oh my...TMI for your mom Gav). We haven't had pressure this whole time. It just falls down next to the wall, but we now have a sweet mechanism for that. We have a bread sack with a hole attached to the faucet and the water piles up and streams out of the bag away from the wall. It's pretty legit! It's been workin' well for us. Today for P Day we played tennis. It was awesome! The ZL's came down here and played with us. We owned 'em! That was my first time to play on clay. I like it better though. It's cool. 10 more days until Elder Bednar comes. We're all pretty excited that we get to go. It's going to be a long day of traveling, but I don't care. It'll be so worth it.

Congrats on breaking a 100 Veener. That's awesome! You're going to kick my trash when I get back, but it's okay. I think I'll enjoy that. Now that you're winning money and clubs and stuff, you beatin' Big D yet? (not yet Gav, but I'll be thinking of that 43 on the front 9 for awhile)!
I love you all and hope you're doing great.
Elder Gavin

P.S. The Hong Kong house pic is for JP
Also, I think that was a dead rat, I don't know for sure but whatever it was, it was HUGE! The other pics are from Mar de Ajo'
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