Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hay Lluvia (It's raining)

Lunch anyone?

You can do it!!!

After the rain...streets of mud!

Hi Family,
I totally forgot about Halloween. I just saw the pics from the little fiesta. Thanks for the invite! Man we didn't do anything...it was Saturday night huh? Totally slipped my mind. I guess they don't celebrate it here, if they did, it would be just another excuse to drink. They have so many holidays here it's ridiculous. I feel like the kids have days without classes more than days in class. Argentina is great. This last week we had zone conference. It was awesome. So different from the other ones since it was just with our zone. It was a lot more spiritual and well, just better. I thought I'd like it less but I actually liked it more. Yesterday we had a district conference thing instead of Stake Conference. I guess that's how we do it out here on the coast. It was in Santa Teresita. San Clemente had a big turnout. haha The Branch President showed up with his daughter and two other members. Ha, we almost doubled the attendance of San Clemente. This branch is so tiny. Pres. Salas says that we need new blood in the church here. The other's have kind of checked out I guess. We should have a baptism not this Saturday, but the next because she has to go church first. Once we get some other people married, we should have more. I feel like every time we find someone who seems "golden" the spouse turns against us and ruins everything. We could have a few families get baptized if that wasn't the case. We found a couple people this week. We are excited to work with them so hopefully things will work out and they can progress.

P Days here are kind of lame. There's not much to do. We kind of just sit around the pench and look at old photos and juggle a soccer ball. We should probably just go out and work! Today we got money for the month so we're excited about that! I'm guessing this last Sunday was Fast Sunday for you guys. Next Sunday will be ours. We found out that we get to go hear Elder Bednar after all when he comes Nov. 19th! I thought he was coming on the 29th! Pretty nuts. I am excited!

This week it has rained a ton and the roads are filled with huge puddles. The roads here are made of sand. Makes for very tricky walking. Well, not much new to say. Tell the Deacon's Quorum thanks for the letter. haha I enjoy reading it, especially the part written by their leader.

Well, if you want to pray for investigators, pray for Claudia, Ashelen (her daughter) Marta and Ysabel, oh and Maria. It's kind of funny that instead of teaching 4 separate lessons, we teach one as they all unite together at Claudia's house. Claudia and Ashelen should for sure be getting baptised because she's not "Juntadod" (living with someone).
Thanks for all the love and support,
Love Elder Gavin
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Pedaling said...

no halloween
dead rats (so gross)
and baptisms!
yay for not shacking up!