Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arroz (Rice) Apostoles (Apostles) :)

Last night was awesome! It was so good to hear from all of you! What the heck...where was Juan? In China? I don't think we talked. I wish I could have talked forever. I loved it! And Jill is coming to the West mission. What the crazy! That's so cool. I love my life! It was good to hear that everyone is doing well, esp. through voice. I thought it was funny how quick mom was to answer the call. Thanks to Jon and Cam (who kept tricking me by calling making me think it was Gavin :)! Haha man, Sunday's are so fun. I miss Sunday dinner and ping pong and Cameron being funny (what is your name 4, 5).

The phone cut off when I was telling you about the family we found this last week. We found 7! It was awesome! We found a family of 4. The dad actually listens to us and they are actually married! They have been married for 9 years! Freakin' crazy. This is the first time I have taught a family with a dad who's not a member. It was awesome. I didn't feel like I was in Argentina. They are the perfect family of gold. I want nothing more than to see them get baptized and sealed. I could be there!!! We also found a mom from Misiones with 3 daughters who has been divorced and living here for 2 years. She hasn't taught her daughters about the church even though she's been a member for like 30 some odd years. We found them and are teaching them...actually, they found us in the street. It just so happens they were talking about the second coming or something and then they saw us in the street. So, we talked to them and set up a "cita" (appointment) with them. They're awesome and really interested. We found such great contacts this week. I'm so excited. The girl who ran away came back and is getting baptized in 2 weeks. Some dude came to our Church from another area. He was baptized Sept. 7th last year. He came just to be able to walk us over to his friends house so he could share the gospel with them. He's such a capo. It was amazing. He is basically a missionary himself. We didn't even know this guy! I loved it! We've got a fresh pool of investigators and better yet...a family! We couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day!

We played futbol today. A little warm up for the big mission tourny next week. I think we have a pretty good shot! We've got some players! It will be so fun. I'm really looking forward to it! Life is good! The weather today was pretty cold por fin (at last). I'm not a big fan of the heat slash humidity right now. Mom it would be so sweet if you could get your hands on that Spanish Biblia. Pres. Asay said it's already out in some mission. I'm wondering why he hasn't gotten his hands on it...afterall...he's President Asay! The next general authority I swear!
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