Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Boy! Almost 1

He looks like such a big boy now with his hair cut! He is so much blonder (is that a word? it is now!)... He will be 1 soon! The 26th of May to be exact! My friend thinks he looks like Big D! What do you think? He definitely has his hair and I love it, so thick and wavy! Alot of people thought Troy looked like Big D when he was born...

Here is a cute video of Troy talking to himself and giving himself kisses! This is from my cell phone so sorry for the poor quality :) This is all I have when I am at the mall!


Venna said...

Love it...I'm glad he has Big D's hair. I still he think is a combination of you and Adam! A very "cute combo"!

Pedaling said...

i can see the family look in this mold for sure!
he is an absolute doll!