Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dia de Trabajador

We did service all morning for a less active family that has the cutest kids ever. We ate an asado after. We did a lot of service this week. Which the Lord will bless us for I'm sure. I never told you about Jorge. He is "Alma the Younger". Such a capo! He was baptized way back when and then fell back into his old way of life with drugs and such. One day he realized that he had been baptized so he read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and got his testimony back. He re-activated himself and got his mom re-activated as well. He did a complete 180 in just a couple of months. The bishop sent us to his house to read and study with him. You would never have known he had lived such a tough life. He's the coolest guy ever. He had a motorcycle accident and had something bothering him in his leg. When it was x-rayed, it showed that there was a bullet in his leg. Some guy just threw him on the ground and shot him! I call him "Alma the Younger" because he wants everyone to love the scriptures and the gospel as much as he does. He has nothing! He sold everything he had for drugs. But he does have a testimony and books. He studies everyday. He wakes up at 4 to study because he has to leave by 7 to go to work. He's so rad. I'm thinking about giving him that T-shirt you sent me. Is that cool?
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