Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Boy...

Hey Fam,
Just another week here in paradise! No, not really. It's been hot but super rainy as well...which makes it really nice because it's a bit cooler. But, the greatest thing is, is that we are baptizing again this Saturday! We're baptizing Yanina who has been a super trooper attending church the last 5 Sunday's with her mom who was recently re activated. She was inactive for 8 years so this is good news. Super cool people. Yanina is also dating the only joven (young man) of the branch se llama (named) Lucas. So, we've got a win/win situation. We're hoping that Lucas will baptize her which would be really cool for them when they get married and sealed in the Temple!! In like 5 years...but, they're Argentine so maybe more like 1 or 2, or at least when the Temple gets finished.

So, zone conference was crazy. We left at like 4 in the morning and got back at 9 pm. We were slammed in a convey with the whole zone. Talk about claustrophobia! Not to mention it was so HOT!! But so worth it! I got mail and a package from Veener and Aunt Vicki which was unexpectedly great! Thank you so much for everything you sent me!!!! Wow, I'm so lucky! I've already been chowing down on all the food. I downed that fudge already that grandma made me. She is amazing! I love how she said on her little note, "this was made with a lot of love and stirring" haha. She is great! Thanks for the pics and the letter's too. It's really great to see updated pics of the fam. I miss you guys. Everyone seems to be doing great. Congrats to Adam on getting into the OU ortho program and Cam for workin' hard on the pre med Dr. shadowing thing. That's cool! I love to hear good news about the fam.

Well, I wanted to say thanks for everything and for just being who you are. I love my family and feel so blessed to be a part of it. And wow...Tiger Woods?...that makes me sick. Too bad. I can't wait to give B. Bills a hard time about that. He loves the guy!

Things are going well here in San Clemente. It's starting to fill up with people. More and More come every week and apparently there will still be more to come! School gets out in a couple weeks so it should get packed here! I'm sure we'll have tons of references for other missionaries but we'll see how things go. I pray for you guys every day. Pray for me and that this little branch of San Clemente will grow!!!! We had 2 investigators in Sacrament meeting but hardly had any members there. We had 7 people for the classes after, including the Branch President and his wife and daughter. We need to fill it up here!

Throw a snowball for me. (Preferably at someone) haha
Elder Rice

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