Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hey Fam,
I miss going to St. George with everyone. I bet that was a lot of fun. Did you guys play golf or just shoot guns? And..since when did we become a "shooting" family?! That's funny. So, some good things have happened this week. First off, the Cougs beat the U!!! Yes! That makes me happy. If only Elder Dowden were here, but he and E. Fafai finished last week. Mom, if you go to the homecoming, don't cry! (I make no promises on that Gav!)

So, yesterday I got to confirm Claudia and Milagros in Sacrament. It was so awesome! They both told us that they felt something different and comforting during all the meetings the rest of the day. It pleases me to see their testimonies growing so much already. She's been reading the Book of Mormon again. She read the whole thing in like a month. It was awesome. She has smoked ever since she was 8 and now she's 27. She dropped it like nothing for her baptism. We are going to find her sister and family now this week. We also should be baptizing for sure this transfer. We have a members girlfriend who has been coming to Church for the past 5 Sunday's. Her mom is a member who has been re activated as well. We're finally being able to teach her this week, on Wednesday with a member which is no easy thing since we hardly have any members here. But now, we just found out that zone conference has been changed and we have to travel up to La Plata on Wednesday at 5 AM and won't get back until 9ish. We're going to have to figure something out though because we need to teach her. We're super excited to be blessed with more baptisms here in San Clemente, in this "ramita" (little branch). I love the Coast!

This last week rained so hard. Yesterday we were in like a hurricane, I swear. It was gnarly. I loved it! We were soaked! My new comp is pretty cool. I like the kid. He's from Chile. His name is Elder Conuenir. My last name is easier for the people to say than his, which is kinda sweet since I'm from the states and all. They call him Noquis and me Arroz. We're pretty much just food to them! ha. I'm sending a bunch of pics home. Like tons! I went and bought another card reader cause I had lost mine and of course, the next day I find the one I lost. But now, I can be prepared like an Eagle Scout should be. jk...mom is the Eagle Scout. Two timer even right Cam?

Things are going well on the coast. It's starting to get really hot and the humidity is a killer. I had the best shower the other day with like a wide stream of water! It was awesome! Things are lookin up. People say that once school is out in mid December, the people just start filling in San Clemente. It's gonna be sweet. More people...which means contacting new people to teach...sweeeet!

Did I mention that Elder Bednar was awesome! I learned a lot. Oh, and I love our family! Laynie and Troy are so big and so cute and happy! You guys are awesome! Thanks for the pics! I'm so thankful for our my family and for my testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that you all have testimonies as well. Did I mention that I love my family?!
G love and that special sauce

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