Monday, December 14, 2009

When in Rome...or sea (in other words) do as the Argentines do!

We baptized Yanina Urbano this last Saturday. It was awesome! Lucas, our only joven (young man) in our branch, who is also her boyfriend, performed the baptism. I had the opportunity to confirm her yesterday. It was really neat. Her mom has been re-super-activated and now she has the support of her daughter. They both help each other and are really close to one another. It's really great to see actually. It's as if they are best friends. It makes me think of how my relationship is with you mom and you dad. I hope that we can consider each other "bff's"! I'm pretty sure we can. (forever and ever Gav) It really is great to see them grow spiritually together. I think growing spiritually together with someone is key to a successful relationship. You have to grow closer to the Lord and things will always work themselves out. And you will also have more strength than ever. I don't know...I've just been really grateful for their example they've given to me and I hope that I can consider myself bfffs with the fam. Best family friends forever. Just like the example of Tiger. He's going to suffer the rest of his life for his decisions concerning his family. I'm sure he would care less about fame and money NOW than before. But now if he loses his family, he will never be truly happy. That's really sad. Just goes to show it can happen to anyone. Just goes to show that when we start slippin, it's a lot easier to fall. And it always starts with something little and develops from there. That's why I always love to tell my investigators how we can't just cruise through life every day. If we're not progressing spiritually every day, we are falling. I can't think of a better way to translate that in English, but anyways, I'm so thankful for my family and love you guys so much!! And am so grateful for all you do for me and for your examples. Without my family, I wouldn't be happy. Just goes to show that the family is central to God's plan for us.

Okay, so to answer all your questions mom (sorry Gav :) yes, I got the package. I loved it. I already told you, but I'll tell you again. I loved the toothpaste. I miss good toothpaste. I loved everything. I've already chowed down on just about everything. I've been a rice makin' machine. (I sent him Minute Rice :) I make a mean batch of rice now. The shoe insoles work great. Tech decks, I'm on a whole new level with my tech deck skills these days. On Christmas I will call you guys, yes, but you need to let me know what time is best for all of you. I can basically call whenever but I want to be able to talk to everyone. I can use phone cards or you can call me, whatever works out best for you. A 10 peso phone card gives me an hour, so if it's cheaper to buy phone cards than for you to call me back, that's cool. But sweet! Congrats on your mission call. I don't really understand how all that went down. I can see Big D speakin' da espanish! That would be sweet! You guys will enjoy that calling so much. I'm sure you guys will help a lot of people. You will love serving especially together.

Well, make sure you're praying and reading scriptures and going to Church. If you're doing that, then you won't have worries, if not, you may be slippin'. Just like Kim Thompson used to teach me with golf. Every time I thought my swing was whacked it was because of a chain reaction of things starting from my basics. Like my posture, grip and stance. just like the Gospel...if we're praying, reading scriptures (not just reading, but applying the teachings to our lives) and going to church we will be doing great. I love you all and am so excited to talk with you at Christmas. I love the gospel and know that it's true and through it is the only true happiness we can have.
Los amo,
Elder Gavin Phillips Rice

P.S. Sorry for no pics, I still need to buy a new card.
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