Monday, January 18, 2010


Hi family,
Well, this week went well. We have found a family that had listened to the charlas (discussions) before but then something happened with the elders. I don't know what it was but for some reason they didn't let them come by anymore. They are letting us come now though so things are well. The dad has a disease or something that's crippling him as we speak. I think it sounds like MS or something. They're not married and the two girls that live with them are from the mom. They are really good people though and we have only the highest hopes for them. Also, we found the coolest, littlest guy ever. He's probably like 20 or 30 something. Just the most humble guy. He works at Mundo Marino and has been skating since he was 11. He's way cool and way nice and loves to talk with us about God. We think we'll be able to take out a baptismal fecha this coming week. Pray that he accepts it. He would be an awesome member and a great addition to this little branch. I love the little guy.

The downfall of the week is that it's so freaken hot! We went all week without water. We finally have a tiny bit like it was for my first transfer. It complicates things and makes life difficult. I can't stand the humidity and heat without a shower. On Monday after playing futbol all day we got back to the pench and my comp took a shower. He got out and said that there was hardly any water, in fact, not any! We were in a super rush to get to the familia Garcias house so I had to bathe myself with a cup of water from the fridge. It was so cold and terrible. Luckily though at that time little drops started coming from the sink. I held a cup under the drips and every few minutes had a little more to wash with. So, after a long while, I was fully bathed! After that, we didn't even have a drop. We had dirty dishes we couldn't wash, water we couldn't drink and without showering it was pretty miserable. If there's one thing this area lacks, it's water and water pressure. But besides that, things are looking up. We have a family here from Jujuy (I served in Jujuy Gav) who is way cool. The dad served in Bahia Blanca the year I was born. They're cool. We're going to play soccer with the kids sometime and then ask them to do divisions! Suckers! Tomorrow we have zone conference in Pinamar. Probably the nicest area in the mission. Well at least the prettiest. I'm kinda excited. It should be great!

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