Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey family,
I'm sorry, I really don't have a lot of time. I was going to send pics but I'll have to do that the next week. We are super rushed and hurried because we've got to get back to our area. We are in Santa Teresita right now. We finally played futfol! It's been forever! I loved it! But man, am I out of shape! I ran the little field once and thought I was going to pass out. But, thanks for the emails ma and pa. Sorry I don't have time to respond to them personally, but mom you had a questions, and no, I haven't received that package with the pics in it. And yes, I got the Christmas one with the shirt and ties. Thanks a bunch. The way you wrap the boxes, I'm not sure anyone could get into them. It takes me like 10 minutes with a knife! But thanks so much. I love stuff, esp. stuff from the states...I may be repping an Argentine jersey right now, but it's just a cover. I'm proud to be an American. Just like the song says. But, we played futbol with my district and the zone leaders. Elder Alvarado is the new zone leader from Panama. I love the Central Americans. They're so much fun. They rock! I was in the same zone as him in Monte Grande. He's a cool cat, but oh yea, you also asked what we do all day because our investigators are working 24/7. Well, we listen to excuses from everyone, and we do a lot of contacts, and try to find new investigators. We're trying to involve the people from Buenos Aires that are here on vacations. They pass the sacrament, bless it and give the talks and teach the classes. It's pretty funny actually. I think they love it, cause they feel needed. Especially the RM's. But the work has been a little downer so we're going to see what we can do differently so that it improves. We're going to super poner las pilas! (Pull out all the stops)

I'm excited to hear about Ash and Jon's trek experience as ma and pa. Someone fill me in on that. I know they'll love it and be the favorite parents. Well, it's freaken hot here, but at night it gets kinda chilly which is amazing. I don't want to leave the coast. Last year was terrible in the heat. I remember just waking up multiple times every night and covering myself in water then trying to go back to sleep. I best be counting my blessings.

Saludos a todos! Los amo!
Love Elder Rice

P.S. Tell Greg congrats! I love that guy! I'm down on going to his wedding in the Hawaii!

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