Monday, January 4, 2010

Bring on 2010...Happy New Year!

Today was transfers. It was and Elder Conuenir are staying together here in San Clemente. We kind of saw that coming but I'm glad we're staying together. He's cool. I like the kid. We are with Elder Gonzales from Santa Teresita right now as he waits for his comp Elder Wheelhouse, to arrive from Buenos Aires. I'm excited to have another American in my district. I haven't had an American for the past few transfers. So, that will be nice. San Clemente is so packed right now, it's a joke! It used to be so "tranquilo". It's crazy how fast it changed. Our little store place, chapel was filled on Sunday with members from Buenos Aires. There was a guy from the stake who was from Quilmes 3. I was so happy to see him. He let me know how everyone is doing in that ward. I miss that ward. That was a great ward. I was pretty bummed to hear that Jorge, aka Alma the Younger has gone inactive. That guy inspired me. I just hope that he didn't get back into drugs. He was so scared of doing that. But, good news, a way cool guy name Joe from that ward is going to go on a mission. He's 25 and had a bunch of problems with his parents just as he was preparing to leave to serve. Then his parents separated and he was going to go but then his dad died and so Joe had to basically provide for the family. Now he can finally go. He had to write a letter cause he was border line on the dead end of being too old, but he is the coolest guy. He'd do divisions with us and when I left, he became the mission leader. He learned English by watching movies.

Anyways, the work here has been pretty hard. You'd think it would be easier with tons more people, but we haven't seen a lot of our investigators for a long time because they all work 24/7. We have been really blessed here though so I'm sure we will find a family to baptize. We're going to really strive to baptize this transfer because as of now, nothings looks promising. But I like our chances.

New Years was pretty cool. A lot of fireworks. We went up on the roof and watched them, and then laid in our beds and listened to them. There was a lot! Last New Years I slept right through everything. I just remember being so exhausted. It's so hot here right now. It's like a constant sticky sweat. It's great. Well, I hope you are enjoying the cold. I want the cold, you want the heat. We can never have what we want...why is that? You decide!
Gavin Phillips Rice

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