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Christmas letter 2009

These are photos from Gavin's first area in Solano but since the following letter speaks of this time, I am posting them here.

Big D y Veener Weener,

Merry Christmas ma' y pa'! I just thought I'd write you and tell you how much I love you guys. It's been a long time since I've written a handwritten letter. There's not much time and email is so easy. I'm sorry for not being better. But, Feliz Navidades! I LOVE Christmas on the mission. It's not at all the same. I basically feel as if holidays don't exist. Especially Christmas here in the heat. But, it's still great. I'll get to spend every other Christmas with the family. I love our family so much and have gained such a different love/respect for you guys. The love you have for your kids is easily compared to the love that Christ has for us. I know you would do anything for me and I hope you know that I'd do the same for you guys. I have been so blessed in my life being born into our family with such strong testimonies of the Gospel and perfect examples. You'd think I'd be perfect and unable to mess up with the examples I have been given. But it's not like that. It just leaves me with no excuses! No J/K. But seriously, I'm so grateful for the mission. Without it I don't think I'd ever appreciate my family as much as I do now. Without the mish I would probably be one of those in-active fools who gets bothered when missionaries clap/knock my door. It's done so much for me and really set my future for me. It's helped me to set my priorities straight. I cannot wait to face life with my wife and raising my family in the church with the Gospel and our kids being born into the covenant. I really know what's important in life now and I love having that knowledge. It makes so much sense to me. I'm so grateful for my testimony and know it's something we can't take for granted. We have to strengthen it ALWAYS! Because if not, we'll risk our salvation and it all starts with something as little as not going to Church one Sunday. I've seen it so many times. Then they quit praying, reading and next thing you know they're working Sundays and the next year they say "oh yeah...I used to be Mormon" or they just stupidly get offended and quit going to Church and lose eternal blessings. It PAINS me so bad when I see that happen. I HATE it! Just like good ol' King Benjamin said, "We gotta put off the natural man cause it's an enemy to God and not be of the world and worldly things." Mosiah 3:19. This scripture is amazing. I'm so grateful for the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I don't understand the atonement fully. Probably never will, but as I learn more and understand it more and put it in practice it really does heal us and has made the biggest difference in my mission. Just like Preach My Gospel says on page 2..."As my understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ grows, your desire to share the gospel will increase." So true! Something I've learned, (cause I hate reading), but WHY do we have to read the scriptures every day? The reading only does us good if we apply them to ourselves in our own lives. Otherwise, we're just reading and feeling the spirit in that moment while we read. Like in 2 Nephi 32:3, as we FEAST on the words of Christ (in the scriptures) we will know everything that we should DO!

Mom, I never told you but you answered my prayers when I was in Solano by sending me the scripture in Isaiah 41:10. I LOVE it. and it was what I needed in that time of my mission. So thank you. I've shared it many times with people and told them how you were an answer to my prayers without you even knowing it. But lucky for me, I have you as a mom who is worthy enough for the Lord to work through you to answer other peoples prayers. I'm so thankful for you mom and dad. I love you guys so much. You both do so much for me it's ridiculous. But I love it! haha Just like you guys serving missions and all I am just following in your footsteps. Thanks for setting us on the straight and narrow path. You guys are amazing parents. I hope you have a great Christmas. Remember the true meaning of it. GIFTS! haha NO, just like Amy Grant once told me..."Glory to the newborn King"!

Love your son

Aguanta Los Estados Unidos!!! Vamos a Mundial!!!
Let's go USA in the World Cup!

The scripture Gavin is referring to in Isaiah 41:10 says:

"Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."

The quote that went along with this scripture was from Lorenzo Snow. He says; "In this life we send our missionaries into the world. We select our young men and give them missions to travel among the nations. It is not one of the most pleasant things that might be imagined for a young man to start out, not having had any experience, to go to a land and among a people that he knows nothing at all about, and in many instances does not even understand their language. He realizes that he will have trials, troubles, and difficulties to cope with, and many things of an unpleasant character. In one sense of the word, he parts with his friends unpleasantly; but it is an important duty that he feels now called upon to perform, and there will arise from the performance of these duties honor, and eventually glory and exaltation".
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