Monday, August 24, 2009

Capilla Abierta

Hi Family,
Well, yes, we did have our Capilla Abierta (church open house) this weekend. It was a great turnout. Many members came and there was refreshments! It's too bad though that not one of our investigators came. Not one! They promised they would! We even had invitations. It was actually pretty sweet too. We had the projector and showed a short movie of the Church and it's history etc. All the organizations set up rooms to show what they are and what they do. Afterwards we ate and drank hot chocolate. We found 3 investigators that a member brought but turns out they weren't all that interested after all. It's too bad. But the good thing is , is that we had all the support of the members which was nice. The whole point was to get a bunch of references. We even had the Elder's from Ezeiza come. But what can you do!

Nothing cool or exciting really happened this week. Just a regular week of work. I wish I had some cool stuff to say but I feel like not too much has happened. This will be my first transfer without a single baptism. The people we had ready didn't come to Church on Sunday so we are going to have to push their baptismal date back. Even if they would have come I'm not sure if they would have been ready. But it still stinks that they didn't come.

This is my comps last week in the mission. He will be going with Elder Evans from his MTC group so me and Elder Spence are going to work together. It will be choice. He was in my district in the MTC. I like the kid even though he says golf isn't a sport! I look past his flaws haha. We will have fun!

So, I'm attaching the pics of the activity. I guess Hermana Jolley (Evan Jolley's sister) was in the same ward as the Daniels. She was excited to know that Jill be coming to Argentina. Well, read your scriptures, go to Church and serve someone. I love you. The Church is true!

Elder Arroz con leche!

This is the Familia Villagra.
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