Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sites and sounds of the Big City!

Hey Family,
I'm writing early today, so if I missed your email, I'm sorry. It's 11:20 here so it's got to be like 7:20 am there. You guys are probably sleeping in then going to play golf...I'm not jealous at all! So Jon is in China, I'm in Argentina and you guys are in the states, plus, I've got friends in almost every other part of the world. It's pretty nuts! Whoever invented the internet is a genius!

Well, I think missionary work will really pick up here in El Jaguel. We have had a change in mission leaders and our mission leader is nuts! In a good way! He came from the stake. He's got so many ideas in his little head that it's going to explode! He wants a PMG (Preach My Gospel), a map of our area and all the folletos (pamphlets) and copies of the Book of Mormon...everything! He goes overboard! I love it! It's nice to have a mission leader. My last area we lacked one (he's thinking in Spanish). It makes a big difference without one. In Solano Adrian helped us out sooo much with the work it was crazy. He knew that place like the back of his hand. He also knew all of the people and the menos activos (less actives). He helped us find tons to teach. I'm hoping that Hermano Juan Carlos Lopez will do the same for us in El jaguel. We have tons of members but most of them are inactive. We have an activity coming up on the 22nd for the work. Everyone has to bring someone to Conocer la Capilla. (Get to know the church)...but we will see. We're hoping to get a bunch of references because contacts hasn't done us any good the last 2 transfers. So we've got that going for us. We found out one of our investigators who is in a wheel chair, Elizabeth, is riding around in a chair given to her by the Church. She had made a promise to go to church once, but hasn't fulfilled it. I guess it's to our advantage though. I will push her to Church even if she doesn't want to go! I haven't sent pictures forever so I am going to try and send some this time. The cybers (internet cafe's) here just aren't the greatest. So, here comes tons of pictures of everything...my last zone, some pictures of my area. Some pictures of us cooking, lot's from the Capital when we went to the Dr. and ate at Hard Rock...man it was soo good! And so nice!
Love, Elder Arroz
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