Thursday, August 20, 2009

District meeting out in Canuelas...

We had district meeting out in Canuelas and had to wait for the train for awhile. That explains Jensen riding' the barrel. The other pics are of our train ride on the way back. We had a long cita (discussion) this week with a guy that doesn't believe in God. But then, he blames God for everything because his life is terrible. I can't hardly stand to talk to people like that. It just bugs me so bad. They think that everything is bad...every single thing. I don't understand how he can say that, especially sitting right across the table from his mom. I'm just so glad to have my family. Wow...we are so lucky! I love the Gospel and I want everyone to have it in their lives so that they can also have these blessings. It's crazy how much this guy needs the Gospel. He was put in our path thanks to a member, but he just won't do his part. It's just so sad. He told us this time that that he will read and ask God if He really exists. If he doesn't get his answer (or lies about getting his answer) we will just have to drop him. I'm sorry to tell you all this, it's just been bugging me.
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