Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mas o Menos...

Hi family,
Sounds like everyone is getting surgery and being sick. What's up with that? I blame it on tap water. Quit drinking tap water. I stopped after drinking it in Solano and it's done wonders for me! haha. Well, today is a Feriado (holiday), so it has been a little hard to get around or do anything. I swear they have holidays twice a week. They celebrate anything and everything. We played soccer with Hermano Aravena. He invited us to go play at the church distribution center where he works with a bunch of guys. I pulled my groin (ouch) and like re-broke both of my big toes, but it was way fun. The groin thing sucks though because now it's hard to walk. But, I'm walking it off and stretching.

This week went by super fast! I can't even remember what happened this week, or if it was my memories from last week. We have interviews with President Asay this Wednesday. I'm looking forward to that. I love interviews with President. Especially when I can ask him questions about the things I have been studying. He knows everything. It's crazy just how smart of a guy he is.

I loved seeing the pics on my blog of everyone. Laynie is way cute. She's grown up a lot since the last picture that I've seen of her. She's got a bunch of hair...and her eyes! Troy is still a tank. Such a stud! I also enjoyed the pics of Jill and her farewell. I can't believe she's actually in the MTC. I feel like it was yesterday that she read me her call on the phone. She's great!

Well, we have a Capilla Abierta (Church open house) this Saturday. It's going to be awesome! We're hoping for tons of people so we can get references and teach instead of just clap houses. I want to have investigators that will progress!!! We have two baptisms for the end of this month, but they still haven't come to church. Makes sense though, cause I mean it rained Saturday night! Who keeps the commandments when it rains anyways?! We had 30 people at Church. Haha, it was a joke! We usually have 80-90 people. It's okay though. We are staying positive and are working with the investigator pool that we have. We are trying to help them progress and hoping to find more as well. We're doing good though and having fun. The weather got super hot last week before it finally rained. It's back to being a little cold but it's not bad at all. I think it will start warming up pretty soon. Well, hope everyone's doing well. I love hearing from you all!

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