Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Florencia Varela

Well, it's transfer day and I'm going, going, back, back to Flore, Flore...Florencia Varela. I'm going to be in the same zone I was in when I started the mission. My area is called El Parque. I'll be with a 26 year old comp from El Salvador who is going on his second transfer. He seems like a pretty good guy. Doesn't like soccer though. That's gonna make things weird. Cool story though, well, it's not a story it's a fact. I'll be sharing the same branch with Elder Taoaelli. (A friend from Utah). Our district will consist of just us 4. It's gonna be great! Last night we traveled from 4:30 'til 11 to get here. The air is heavy and stinks and it's very hot up here. I'm already missin' the coast. But, it's good coming back and seeing everyone again. Hermana Asay made enchiladas. It was amazing. And...I had French Toast for breakfast. I wish I could just live in the mission home. That mattress was amazing. If only I could have slept in. That would have been choice! I miss that. It's weird now that I'm back with all the missionaries. I don't even know hardly any of them. There are so many Americans. It's nuts! The limit for a mission is 180 missionaries and we have 200. It will be great to reconnect with everyone and get to know the new ones.

Well, happy Valentine's Day and happy missionary day mom and dad. (We just finished training for the SLC inner city mission.) That's pretty sweet that you guys will be helping people with all that good stuff. Maybe when I get back you'll have something set up for me to help with. I liked what you said about reading our patriarchal blessings. (1. Read it through once forgetting the words but concentrating on the love the Lord has for you. 2. Read it again and write down all your talents and spiritual gifts. 3. Read it again and look for the instructions. Pray about it so you can find out who you are. This was a challenge we were given and have given to our kids.)I'm going to do this. It's weird how every time I read it, well not every time, I'm not going to lie, but a lot of times, I read it and think, "hey, why didn't I realize that before." I think there is a lot more depth to it than we think. And it's personal scripture, more real than we think.

So, I'll be in a 2 man pench I guess but we live across the hall from the other Elders, Taoaelli and his hijo. He's training. It'll be great. I'm replacing Elder Bravo from Neuquen Argentina. I lived with him in Solano. He's a stud. Mom, get all your Spanish back so when I get home we can talk. Last time I was here in Florencia Varela, I didn't understand all the Argentina slang, so it'll be fun to understand this time. Taoelli's native comp didn't believe me that I was American. I guess that's what happens when you live 24/7 with natives. Well, I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy the snow. I'll keep you all in my prayers. Q les vaya bien. P.S. Big D, if you get bored, practice your Spanish by writing me. (hint hint). In Spanish of course! Well, until next week I guess. Read, pray and go to Church.
Love, Gavin
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