Monday, February 22, 2010

San Juan Argentina

My last baptism. Hermana Juana Caballo de Toranzo was baptized the day I left. When we first taught her, she loved our message and felt it was true but thought that she was too old to be baptized. Then one night, she had a dream about her deceased son. He was dressed in white and told her that it was true. She no longer doubted and was baptized for me right before I got on the bus for my 10 hour ride back to the mission home. We wrote often after the mission, but she has since passed away. I will always remember her and her love and kindness.

The church house in San Juan. It felt like home! I bore my testimony here before heading home. I told the Argentine people that I owed them far more than I had been able to give to them. They gave me their hearts, their trust, their love. They gave me a foundation for a better life. After bearing my testimony, the members all started singing, "Para siempre Dios este' con vos" (God be with you 'til we meet again.) I realized just how much I had grown to love my Argentine friends!

Leaving Cordoba for the last time with President and Hermana Righi our mission President and wife. They were from Rosario. She has since passed away. Pres. Righi wasn't quite sure what to do with the North American sister missionaries in the beginning, :) but we ended up learning a lot from each other. I think he threw up his hands many times at our "strange" ways! One of my first meetings with him, I proudly announced that I was pregnant! Turns out the Spanish word for being embarrassed is NOT embarasada! :) I about gave him a heart attack!
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Shaun Zimmerman said...

Beautiful post! Great pictures and story. So you were the one so many of us heard about; nearly killing your Mission President with the "Estoy embarasada" comment?! HA! We had an Hermana who got up in front of the congregation to give a talk and she said; "¡Gracias al Obispo, estoy tan embarasada!" Yea, it was great! Love reading your posts and letters to the MM's.